The Editor of the Word and Work has just closed a good meeting with the Joseph Avenue Church in Nashville. Twelve were baptized and one reclaimed.  In Brother Boll’s absence Brother Chambers and Brother Jorgenson are alternating at Portland A venue Church, Louisville, where· there have been a number of accessions lately, as indeed there are continually.

Best reports come of the work in Gallatin, Tenn., where Brother Sikes has located to labor. A good meeting has just closed at that place.

Many thousands of the tract, “Why Not Be Just A Christian?” are being ordered for use during, and preparatory to, the summer’s evangelistic meetings. 5c each, 50 for $1.00, $15.00 a thousand. Our tract, “The .Church I Found And How I Found It” (of uniform size and price) is also much in demand. Order your class supplies for the Third Quarter now. We supply all grades.

“Please report in Word and Work that I am preaching at Tracy City and Cowan, Tenn. There are some devoted Christians at each of these places. There was one confession and baptism at Tracy City when I preached there last. I have some time to hold meetings this summer. My address is Nashville, Tenn., R. F. D. No. 7.”-R. N. Gardner.

 “The Book Of Revelation,” R. H. Boll’s exposition of the last book in the Bible, 50c each, 3 for $1.00 postpaid. “What It Means To Be A Christian Only,” a clear, unsectarian statement of what it really means to take the outside place with reference to denominationalism; four pages, lc each in quantities.

From Rector, Ark.: “The Master’s work is doing well in this section, at this time. Interest good and attendance large. A number of additions here since January, and more expected. Bro. B. F. Rhodes will assist us in our meeting beginning August 10, continuing the balance of the month if the dear Lord will.”-J. W. Dollison.

From Sister Dickson, Tennessee Mountain Mission: “That precious Song Book! How we do enjoy it! When I read your letter that you were sending one, ·Mr. Dickson said, ‘Thank the Lord.’ Why, I’ve actually prayed that someone would send us one. We think it is grand.”

Through a rare piece of good fortune, we were able to purchase a limited number of Waterman’s Ideal Fountain Pens at less than wholesale price, most of them being $4.00 pens. We are offering one of these (men’s or women’s size) free for seven new subscriptions at $1.00 each. We can also supply the Intograph, a standard Ink Pencil, regular $1.50 value, free for two new subscriptions at $1.00 each.

“Just in today from Bryantsville, Indiana. We have begun a Bible class on Saturday nights with prospects good for fine attendance. We are also beginning a Bible class on alternate Saturday nights with the church at Waterford, Ky.”-‘-A. C. Reader.

Cleveland, Ohio, May 1st: “Waiting for an answer from the churches to India’s call for help, I held eight protracted meetings in Washington and British Columbia, with 17 baptisms, from December 2, 1923, to April 27, 1924. No church has answered the call, and only $200 (less) has been offered

by individuals. ‘Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity.’ His will be done. I thank the Word and Work for its kindness. Christian love and best wishes to all.”-J. Madison Wright.

A good letter from Sister Scott ,of Graton, California, reports a good school year, now closing at that place. Sister Scott has had forty in the fourth grade and below and 144 have been enrolled in the school altogether. J. Edward Boyd is moving to Graton to assist in the school work there.

A E. Firth, of Toronto, sends us an interesting newspaper account of the laying of the corner-stone for the new East Toronto Church building. An interesting feature of the building is that above the front doorway, from one· side of the church to the other, is blazoned in letters of stone, “If ye continue in My word then are ye my disciples in deed.” This inscription, which would cost $300.00 to reproduce today, consists of the actual stones taken from Toronto’s first Church of Christ, Shuter and Victoria Streets, built eighty years ago, and which was demolished recently. James Beatty was its builder. C. W. Petch is now the evangelist of East Toronto Church. Later; Brother Firth writes : “I am pleased to inform you that our new meeting house is going along; the roof will be finished tomorrow if the weather keeps fine. We hope to have our Sunday School in the basement by May 25th. Our Sunday Evening Meetings are growing in the old house, and the interest is good.”

We think it rather remarkable that of a good-sized expiration list for the first three months of 1924, only ten who expired in January, eleven in February, and three in March, have failed to renew their subscriptions to the Word and Work. With few exceptions those who read · the Magazine one year, continue with us. Have you renewed?

A K. Ramsey’s eight-day ·meeting at Turkey Creek, Indiana, brought 14 conversions; and at Forrest Hill one was recently added and two excluded.

John E. Dunn, the faithful worker for Harding College, and for the general cause of true Christian Education, will work in, and out of, Louisville-as far as there may be Kentucky and Indiana churches open to him—all through the month of June. Every church in the district, strong or weak,should at least hear Brother Dunn’s great message~ It will do good and only good. ‘Write him at 168 State St., Louisville.

This good report came a little too late for last month: “The meeting at Fern Avenue closed last Sunday night. After the morning Bible classes reassembled Brother Jackson, who preaches regularly for the congregation, made_ a short talk and extended the invitation of the gospel, to which fourteen young persons responded; one more made ‘the good confession’ at the morning service; after the meeting closed at night a young man requested baptism, making Sixteen in all. It was a most impressive scene to behold so many young persons ‘buried by baptism into death,’ and ‘raised to walk in newness of life.’ Brother Jackson preached on Lord’s days at Bathurst Street while the meeting was in progress at Fern Avenue.”-Geo. A. Klingman.



  • J. M. Hottel has moved to Franklin, Ky., and _Edward Kranz to Cynthiana, Ky., to live and labor.
  • J. R. Clark and Waldo Hoar are home from a fine meeting at Cincinnati where nine were added.
  • Stanford Chambers is now in a meeting at Linton, Ind.; R. H. Boll begins at Natchitoches, La., June 1;
  • E. L. Jorgenson near Willisburg, Ky.; on May 27; D. H. Friend at Ripley, Tenn., June 8. Brother Friend’s fine meeting at Dayton, Tenn., where 20 or more were added, was overlooked for our reports last month.

A two weeks’ meeting is in progress at South Louisville Church with a different speaker each night. A delightful series of meetings on the same plan has just been held at the Highland Church. The weeks program may be interesting and suggestive:

  • Sunday-“Grace.”-D. H. Friend.
  • Monday-“The Preciousness of God’s Word.”-R. H. Boll
  • Tuesday-“The Work of Witnessing.”-R. E. Daugherty.
  • -“The Grace of God in the Life of Paul.”-E. L. Jorgenson
  • -“Evolution and Christianity.”-R. H. Boll.
  • -“God so loved the World.”-H. L. Olmstead.
  • -“What Must I do to be Saved ?”-H. L. Olmstead.

Be sure to hear John E. Dunn!