Understand: This discussion is not about being saved. Salvation comes when we individually confess our sinfulness, yield to Jesus as Lord and Savior and obey His commands. At that time Our Father intends that we begin striving to live holy, today, in this life, in His presence.

         What does “living holy” mean, How important is it and How does it apply to me? Think with me.

          God intends that every Christian becomes human as Jesus was human. Acts 2:38 tells us that when we were baptized God the Holy Spirit, came to live in us that through His power and with His guiding, we can live the holiness of Jesus. God demands from us a yielded heart devoted to obeying every command from Him.

         We are commanded to imitate the character qualities that made Jesus holy. Through Him our humanness is made holy and acceptable to God the Father. Examine Hebrews 5:8 in context.

         I offer two examples from scholars:

         Crudens Concordance, p. 234, defines Biblical Holiness: “True holiness consists in a conformity to the nature and will of God, whereby a saint is distinguished from the un-renewed world, and is not actuated by their principals and precepts, nor governed by their maxims and customs.”

         He adds, “There are different degrees of holiness in the saints, but SINCERITY IS INSEPARABLE FROM THE BEING OF IT.”

         Let that soak for a while. God knows a sincere heart.

                   Realize, this is preparation for eternity.    

Before you say, “I can’t,” remember you are talking to God the Creator of the universe who provided His Spirit to lead us through the trials into His presence. So, YOU CAN LIVE HOLY AND ACCEPTABLE BEFORE HIM IN THIS AGE! Choice!

From J.I.Packer, Rediscovering Holiness, p.15 summarized: “Holiness is learned in and through experience practiced intently and continuously, “as Jesus did.”

Reflect on: requirements, cost, struggles in prayer, battles for pure hearts and righteousness of life; consecrating self totally to Father God;

say / do only what pleases Father God; accept pain, grief, disloyalty, betrayal; care for and serve people, without compromise of principle nor have ulterior motive in practice; accept opposition and isolation; and steady under pressure.”

         Packer says, “Rejoice in specifics of the Father’s ways and thank Him for His wisdom and goodness.

         This keeps us from bitterness and self-pity; instead, with a spirit of peace, joy and eagerness to see what God will do next. Love, humility and hope forms the essence of Christ-like holiness.”

         Packer explains, “Holiness has to do with my humanness. Human godliness that is true holiness as seen in Jesus, is simply human life lived as the Creator intended – in other words, it is perfect and ideal humanness, an existence In which the elements of the human person are completely united in a totally God-honoring and nature-fulfilling way.

         Since God made humanity for Himself, godliness naturally fulfills human nature at the deepest level. As experience proves, no contentment can match the contentment of obeying God, however costly this may prove.”

         Reflect. How must we change? Our attitude toward God should change into a growing love for Him – because of His great love expressed in redeeming us through the blood of Jesus, for a heart desiring to imitate His life style with intent to becoming like Him!                          Continued on Page 3

         To yielded Christians God commands, (Romans 12:18) “If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.” Note: our responsibility.

         Hebrews 12:14, adds “Pursue peace with all men, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord.” Non-negotiable

         It is important that our Christian attitude focuses on Pursuing Peace & Holiness with all men. People inside and outside the body of Christ should perceive us as law-abiding, peaceful people who love God.

         How important? This also is non-negotiable.

         The Psalmist says, 119:47, 111 “.. For I delight in Your commands because I love them. .. Your statutes are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart.”

         One has said, “Those who ‘chase’ happiness miss it, while for those who pursue holiness through the grace of God, happiness of spirit comes unasked! Holiness is the substance of which happiness is the spin-off.”

         God’s holiness is blunt, firm and non-negotiable. Eternity in His presence will be lived on holy ground!

         Think ahead; picture eternity in your mind. Long for it. Live for it. The choice is personal.

         Come, Lord Jesus.                                   


Buford Smith is a retired minister and resides in Indiana.