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My niece was in charge of the prayer and her parents reminded her to pray for people who need help.

     In the prayer, she prayed for a list of things and at the end said, “And for all the people who need help, we will help them. Amen.”

     Her words made me stop and think, how often do I ask God to help people rather than committing to helping them myself?

Her words immediately reminded me of Ruth.

     When Ruth made her declaration to Naomi, she was choosing inconvenience.

Choosing to be an outsider.

Choosing a potentially very unstable financial situation.

Choosing to care for a mourning widow for the rest of her life.

     When Boaz says that Ruth will be blessed for “showing kindness […] insomuch as thou followest not young men,” he infers that she could have married many other younger men, and yet, instead she chose to do what was best in the long term for Naomi, making sure Naomi’s posterity and land were secured.

     She lost her life in service, and in doing so, she became something greater than herself—becoming part of David and Christ’s lineage.

     The world teaches that fulfillment comes from self-absorption. But this has never been Christ’s model.

“Sometimes we are tempted to let our lives be governed more by convenience than by covenant,” Elder Ballard remarked. “But there is no spiritual power in living by convenience. The power comes as we keep our covenants.”

      Becoming not doormats—but staircases.

Leading others up while we ourselves are elevated.

Realizing that the ultimate self-care is putting ourselves in the care of the Savior.

     Happiness comes when we, like Ruth, focus on..

People over problems.

Discipleship over distraction.

Sacrifice over self-absorption.

And covenants over convenience.


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