‘Tomorrow,” he faithfully ‘promised, “to-morrow, to-morrow I’ll pray;

To-morrow I’ll plead as I ought to, I’m busy, too busy, to-day

To-morrow I’ll spend in my closet, to-morrow I humbly will bow”—

Yet ever a “voice” kept whispering, “But the Church is languishing NOW!”

“To-morrow, to-morrow, to-morrow—delay e’er repeated went on;

To-morrow, to-morrow, to-morrow—till the years and the “voice” were gone.

Till the Church its God had forgotten; till the land was covered with sin;

Till millions had hopelessly perished, and eternity’s doom ushered in.

0 members of Christ’s holy Body, O Church of the Living God,

0 teachers and leaders and preachers, 0 saints where our fathers trod;

The “voice” still insistently whispers; do you say “To-morrow I’ll pray,”

The Voice is God’s urgent commandment;