I woke up this morning with Satan throwing dart after dart at me. I needed to be “re-souled”.  The Pine Prairie Church of Christ hosted a Ladies Day titled “A Sermon in Shoes”.

As I pulled up, driving around to find a place to park, I began feeling the mending begin. What a glorious sight to see so many vehicles!

Walking towards the building, men were hustling to bring in chairs. I held the door open for them and knew why they had this task as I followed them inside. A packed house with standing room only, 130 ladies total!!! A good bit more was mended.

My eyes scanning the room, I saw so many familiar faces and many that I didn’t know. I saw childhood friends I grew up at church camp with, many friends from sister congregations, preacher wife mentors, prayer warriors, women with a common bond and a common love. The youngest was 15. The oldest was 94! Women came from as far down as Slidell, LA.

A lot more was mended.  A funny emcee, beautiful singing. A little more mended. A Sermon in Shoes from Romans 10:13-15, Romans 1:8, & Matthew 28:18-20. Your faith speaks volumes. God’s Word is a comforter. Sometimes the loudest sermon can come from the quietest prayer warrior, a prayer partner, an encourager, or a helper. Which sermon do you preach? Joy and gladness or lectures and condemnation?

Oh do you know, O Christian, you’re a sermon in shoes?  Oh do you know, O Christian, you’re a sermon in shoes? Jesus calls upon you to spread the Gospel news, So walk it and talk it, live it and give it, teach it and preach it, know it and show it, A sermon in shoes.

Thank you Aunt Shelia Gough for the wonderful message  My soul was mended! The meal…oh my!!! The men did most of the cooking and served the ladies.  Sadly, I couldn’t stay for the last part, but I left with a belly full, my soul completely restored, and my heart overflowing.

After checking on mom and a great visit with her, I came home to a great surprise…Kyle surprised us with a visit before they start cutting corn on Monday. Tonight I can lay my head down thanking Him for the renewed Spirit within me.


Angie attends the Oakdale Church of Christ, Oakdale, LA, where her husband is the minister.