From the May, 1945 Word & Work Magazine “Words of Life Program. Some have wondered why the many cooperating congregations in Louisville did not take advantage of the radio to preach the gospel. In other cities single congregations sponsor radio programs. We now do have a weekly broadcast over WGRC on each Lord’s day morning at 7 :45. The chief speakers thus far have been R. H. Boll and E. L. Jorgenson with others filling in in their absence. It might interest some to know that we have a new recording of six gospel songs made by the golden gospel chorus, which we wish to use along on this program. A few small monthly gifts from individuals and churches are needed to carry on this program.”   We do not actually know the start date for Words of Life but since this was in the 1945. print Word&Work, perhaps we can assume it started in 1945.

     Words of Life Radio broadcasts messages of God’s Word in the USA over seven different Radio Stations.  It is broadcast in other parts of the world in sixteen different countries/areas. Farther in this article there is a link to a spreadsheet with the figures for 2021 and projected figures for 2022.  Words of Life has expenses at the present time that substantially exceed the donations sent by supporters.”

       During the night Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, ‘Come over to Macedonia and help us.’  After Paul had seen the vision, we got ready at once to leave for Macedonia, concluding that God had called us to preach the gospel to them.” (Acts 16:9-10)

       Like Paul’s vision, Words of Life has been asked to bring the Word of God to Macedonia in their own language.  A quote from Robin Boggs, of Emmanuel Radio, “Because the station is sharing how the country is seeking the gospel, the station staff travels to Macedonia and is witnessing a growth and a need for the gospel in that language”

      Broadcasting from this station in the Macedonian language is an added cost of $119.00 a week. We will have two times to broadcast the Word of God and $119 covers both times. There is a  spreadsheet attached to this article with the financial statistics for the 2021 income/expenses and this added expense.. As you can see on the spreadsheet, Words of Life broadcasts in a lot of countries preaching the Word of God.

     We have donors that have supported Words of Life for many years and we are thankful for their faithfulness.

But the expenses we are now incurring are not covered by donations.  We know God can provide and we are faithful to believe He will provide with enough donations to cover the weekly broadcast fees and other administrative expenses.  Bro.George Haas handles the Words of Life office in the Hamburg Church of Christ in Sellersburg, IN.  There is a fully equipped recording studio where the messages are recorded and Bro. Haas handles everything that is necessary to get the messages sent out across the world.

     Bro. David Johnson, minister of Sellersburg Church of Christ has been our main speaker for 10 years. For many years the late Bro. Dale Offutt was the main speaker.  There have been many other men that recorded  messages for Words of Life through the years.

    Words of Life is reaching out to our supporters and to our listeners for a one-time yearly gift or, preferably a monthly donation, in order to continue reaching the listening audience around the world. A monthly income of $6,408.50 will cover the estimated expenses for 2022 ($76, 902.00). This is a monthly increase of almost $1,500.00. We have a Great God and we believe He will supply. We believe it is God’s will that we continue with this ministry and that we ‘go into Macedonia’ as requested.

     Our Website is and email address is  You can listen to  the broadcasts at our website.

Please use the link to the spreadsheet to view the broadcast stations and the financial information.

Mailing address is:  P. O. Box 221, Sellersburg, IN 47172


Submitted by Sandra Naugle, Co-Editor of Word&Work, at the request of the Words of Life Board.