From the Highland Community Church Bulletin


Jesus has all authority

     Once a man saved up his money for years and bought the house of his dreams.

Because of his business, he could not move in for several months.  So he

allowed the man who was living there to stay as a caretaker until he was ready

to move in himself. But when the new owner came to move into his dream

house, the other man said, “No, I am staying here. You find somewhere else

to live.” “But you promised you would move out when I was ready,” the

owner said. The man gave a laugh and replied, “This is my home. You

cannot come in.” Then he slammed the door in the owner’s face and locked


     The owner marched straight to the police station with his papers of

ownership. The next time he knocked on the door of his house, there were

two large policemen standing next to him. When the man in the house saw

the policemen, he meekly packed his belongings and left the house to its


     What the true owner of the house could not do in his own strength, he

was able to do when he appeared with authority on his side. It is the same

with us. Satan may laugh at us and continue to afflict us with disease, fear,

anxiety, and defeat. But when we come to him in the name of Jesus, he

knows we have all the authority of the Kingdom of God behind us, and he

must flee. –Corrie ten Boom

Jesus is victorious every time

Jesus is always victorious. We only have to get into the right relationship

with Him and we shall see His power being demonstrated in our hearts and

lives and service. And His victorious life will fill us and overflow through us

to others. –Roy Hession

It’s the relationship!

Remember when Jesus told the parable of the vine and the branches in John

15? He said the secret to abundant living is in staying attached to the vine.

An unattached branch has something to fear. Not only can it not produce

fruit, but it will be burned in the fire. But an attached branch has no fears.

All it has to do is nestle close to the vine, and the vine does all the work,

sending its sap through the branch and producing luscious grapes. It is not the

branch that produces the grapes, it is the vine. –Corrie ten Boom