Several months ago Paul Kitzmiller notified the GFM board of his desire to step down as our director and asked the members to look into other options for the ministry to continue.  Since then the board has been prayerfully searching for a replacement and is now thankful to announce that Mike Abbott has agreed to serve as our new director effective in the spring of 2022!
     Mike is currently serving as a minister of the Denham Springs, Louisiana, Church of Christ where he has been located since 2007.  He formerly worked with the Borden, Indiana, Church of Christ for 18 years and the Ebenezer Church of Christ near Harrodsburg, Kentucky, for three years.  Initially he will serve on a part time basis with GFM as well as continue with many of his responsibilities with the Denham Springs church.
     Paul will continue to be involved with the work of GFM.  He will be assisting Mike throughout the transition period and will be remaining on the board.  He may even make another trip or two to Ukraine, Lord willing.
     A specific date for this change to take place has not yet been set. There are several steps to be taken to ensure a smooth transition and we are not certain at this point how long some may take.  We will make an announcement once the process has been completed.
     A change in leadership will also bring other changes.  Most noticeable to our donors will be a change of our mailing address.  Please continue to use the current address for the time being.  You will be notified at the appropriate time when we make the change.
     We are looking forward to seeing this transition completed.  Mike will bring new energy and new ideas into the ministry; Paul will share his experience and insight to help Mike and both want to see the work move forward.  Please pray with us not only as we go through this transition but as we move ahead with preaching the Word and proclaiming the Gospel to the world while we await our Lord’s return.

Minister Search

 The Lilly Dale Church of Christ is beginning a search for a full time minister for our congregation. Brother Eddie Olberding has elected to step down from a full time ministry beginning in April.

     There are no upper or lower age or experience requirements. The church leaders are looking for the one who is called to minister to the congregation at Lilly Dale.

      For further information please contact one of the Elders:

 Brian Williams: 812-449-4961,

Terry Sutcliffe: 812-836-2639,


Ladies’ News

   The Ladies of the Churches of Christ in Southern Indiana are planning a Ladies Inspiration Day for April 9th, 2022.  It will be held at Cherry St. Church of Christ.  We invite you ladies to come and enjoy a special day of inspiration and fellowship. Lunch will be provided.  The theme is: “Ladies Tea Party: Hebrews us to Perfection”.  There will be several speakers, most of whom will be known to those that have attended LID or the Fall Ladies Retreat in the past.  Please mark your calendars.  There will be information sent out in early 2022. 

     Many of the ladies that attended the Fall Ladies Retreat may not know that Kavanaugh Life Enrichment Center in Crestwood, KY, was closed permanently in 2020. This had been the location for most of the years of Ladies Retreat. The September 2019 Retreat was the 29th year.  We hope in the future to be able to find a location and schedule another retreat event, God willing.


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