The “Three-months-for 25c” offer is now withdrawn; but yearly subscriptions may be begun with the November number.


Η. M. Evans is removing from Wyoming to Selkirk, Ont., to take up work with the church there.


H, L. Olmstead’s meetings since last report: Beuchel, Ky., 5 baptized, one restored; Ebenezer, Mercer County, Ky., 25 baptized and 2 restored.


Η. N. Rutherford conducted most helpful meeting in Shawnee church, Louisville. Four were baptized and one restored. Brother Rutherford’s simple, natural ways, his guilelessness and transparent goodness of spirit, are everywhere impressive.


From J. Frank Copeland, Lockney, Texas: “During my summer meetings 30 were baptized and 7 restored. These meetings were at Trent, Rowden, Dozier, and Twitty, all in Texas.” Brother Copeland adds: “‘Great Songs of The Church’ is what I have craved for the church for twenty years; but is there a people among us generally spiritually-minded enough to appreciate the richness of the sentiment?”


From Carman, Man.: “Three baptisms here recently cheer and encourage us, all from families outside of the church.”—H.L. Richardson.


“E. L. Jorgenson came from Louisville and gave the Albion, (Neb.,) church four days, the Roselma church twelve days. Five confessions. This is where Brother Jorgenson was reared and his life has been such that it is a great pleasure to all to have him come home to work with us, and a great joy to note that has not grown away from the simplicity in Christ. He preaches the gospel as the fathers did a generation ago. The Albion and Roselma churches work together as one man. Neither church has ever had any of the modern innovations, nor any serious troubles. The reason is, they settle everything by a ‘thus saith the Lord.’”


—D. J. Poynter, in Christian Leader. The Lord’s blessing was upon the editor’s meeting in Detroit —sixteen added to the church. By special request, Brother Boll spoke to a mass meeting one Lord’s Day afternoon on the subject of the Lord’s Return.


Frank L. Wheeler writes that “several became obedient to the gospel” in a meeting which he held near his home in Bloomington, Ind., in September.


From Paul C. Young, 66 Wendell St., Cambridge, Mass.: “Please announce that the church meets each Sunday at 2 P. M. in the Phillips Brooks house, Harvard University yard. Members in and near Boston are urged to come.”


“Our meeting east of Areola, La., lasted three weeks and resulted in 20 additions to the congregation, 10 by baptism. Attempts were made to ‘hold ns up’ and to ‘arrest us for preaching.’ Our life was threatened, but the Word of the Lord ran and was glorified. The brethren have begun building a meeting house.” —Maston Sitman.


From St. Louis: “Meeting at hall yesterday at corner Lafayette and Jefferson well attended. Congregation here has had about 100 per cent increase since last June. Prospects are encouraging. Brother Merritt just closed a tent meeting which resulted in much good. Two men were baptized and four others placed membership. We have new people in our congregation at almost every service. If any know of members of the church here upon whom we should call let us hear from you. Several have sent in names this way, and in quite a number of cases, we have been able to interest them.”—W. A. Sevedge. 6006a Virginia Avenue.


“Please report in the November issue of Word and Work an account of our recent meeting at Main Street Church of Christ, Winchester, Ky., which closed Oct. 9. Brother Warren E. Starnes, of Dallas, Texas, did the preaching. Five were added to the membership of the congregation. Bro. Starnes held our meeting last year also. He preaches Christ and Him crucified in simplicity but with an eloquence that holds the attention of his audience. May the Lord prosper him in the evangelistic field.”— Claude Neal


From John W. Utt, Paden City, W. Va.: “Just closed a fine meeting at Amma, W. Va., where we once had a strong congregation, but through deaths, removals and a lack of leadership, they had ceased to meet for worship, but will now meet regularly. There are several places in that section where there are members who, with proper encouragement, could be induced to do as Amma has done, and we propose to go to them as soon as possible.”