Continue in prayer for the areas of Louisiana and other areas in the south that were hit by the Hurricanes and continue to try to rebuild and recover from the damage done.

 5th SUNDAY SINGING. As of this posting the 5th Sunday Sing date of October 31st at Sellersburg Church of Christ at 6:30 pm is still a go.   

Woodland Bible Camp Senior Citizens Week was a wonderful time of refreshing and getting away from the worries of this world for a short time.  There were around 25 that were full time campers for the week and at least that many that came at various times       

     The annual meeting of the Corporation on Tuesday night brings in some that are not campers for the week.  The theme for the week was ‘Between Heaven and Earth’ and the messages were interesting and enlightening with regard to God’s Word. The singing was so enjoyable.  The cooks did a great job of feeding us well.  And the fellowship was, as usual, a blessing. 

     We had some new to the week and some that had not been there for many years. Getting re-acquainted with old friends is such a blessing. If you have never attended and been blessed by this week, we encourage you to come and experience it.

               Sara Jean Browning Went to Her Heavenly Home on August 28, 2021

Sara Jean Browning’s Celebration of Life Service is to be at 1pm, Saturday, Oct. 2nd at the Portland Church of Christ in Louisville, KY

     From Beverly Flora’s Facebook page:  Celebration service for Sara Jean Browning. If you have any special memories or stories we would love to see them. Ron is doing the service and would like to know some special things about her from others.

     A Tribute from Beverly: My mom’s sister, Sara Jean Covey Browning passed from this earth Saturday. She served the Lord all her life and almost always had a smile on her face. I don’t know the person who wrote this under her picture (see below), but it brings a lot of good memories to me of people I knew as I grew up. She mentions my mom, Louse Wells, as the candy lady. Since I didn’t go to the same church as mom after I grew up, I had no idea she was the candy lady at Portland Avenue Church of Christ. There never was any candy at our house when I was growing up. All sisters, Roberta Kranz, Allene Houtz, my mom and Aunt Sara were faithful servants of the Lord until their deaths. A wonderful blessing.

     Tribute on Facebook by Renee Michelle Villatoro: 

To me , this woman passing marks the end of a very special era. Most don’t know the story behind the name Sweet Louise . While it’s technically after Louise Wells who happens to be Sister Brownings sister as well as Mrs Lois Campbell and Brother Jimmy cousins , to me it’s to represent a select group of mostly women and a few men ( Brother Friedly , Bibb and Jimmy ) . These people shaped me . Mrs Lois taught me how to pour, fire and paint ceramics which she painstakingly did year round every year to raise money for Portland Christian and had a huge booth at the White Elephant sale.

     I would walk to her house after school once a week and she would make me a snack and do so many ceramics, then play a game with me till my mom got off work . Mrs Louise would clean houses in her 70s and take the money and buy candy and pass it out every Sunday to the kids, and I swear some of us only came to church just to visit the candy lady.

      Today I learned the last of them all, Mrs. Browning, passed  away . I know she is rejoicing and is in heaven with so many other very special people but I feel like I am mourning a whole generation of true mentors . She taught me piano for years, coming to my house for $10 lessons. She also used to give us plants and classical music records as prizes for being good at school and was our art teacher as well as music . She was phenomenal at teaching us such a plethora of knowledge. I am greatly the way that I am because of these women . They are the reason I want to disciple, mentor , teach youth . They all taught me how important it is  and they lived it every day with all of their patience.  I only hope I can obtain the level of patience and love that they had because I really fail in that department.

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