From Word & Work April 1921

     There is a great deal of willingness on the part of members of the church in the U. S. to be led into missionary work. The state of mind of the brethren is much more favorable to the enterprise than the volume of work indicates. Why then are we doing so little, and why are so many fields, with millions of perishing souls in each of them, without apostolic missionaries?

     The trouble, I think, is mainly in a lack of teaching. Let the elders, preachers, and all who teach tell the congregations

 (1) what the Book says;

 (2) what world conditions are;

 (3) let them lay before them a tangible thing within their reach; and

 (4) start them to giving and sending to the work.

     Really the matter is very simple and can, with comparative ease, be set in motion in many churches. It is a mark of a loyal church that it be doing mission work. It is part of the duty of evangelists to “set in order the things that were wanting” (Tit. 1:5), and one of the things most “wanting” in our congregations today is a missionary spirit. I beg you, my brethren, in Jesus’ name, think and ACT!