(Inspired by Psalm 96: 11-13)–Found on Facebook 


What will the earth do

When Jesus returns

When all is made new

For which my heart yearns?


Will the grass wave joyously?

Will the trees sing victoriously?

Will I hear the leaves rushing? “He’s coming! He’s coming!”

Hear wooden throats rushing? “He’s coming! He’s coming!”


Will horses let out the happiest of whinnies

And come thundering hooves to meet Him?

Will dolphins chirp excitedly 

And leap for a chance to greet Him?


Will flowers bloom more brightly?

Water run more sprightly?

Will the wind rush more excitedly?

“He’s here! He’s here at last!”


Will cat kind come running, leaping

Eyes bright and steady seeking

The One who made them nose to tail

To purr, roar, climb and delight us without fail


Will dogs come running, tumbling

Barking all the way

Will the earth let out a rumbling 

Of all creatures on that glorious day?


But for now, my ears ring in the painful silence 

I hear nothing but a whisper 

I fight to hold to the promise

Until I can shout, “He’s here!”


When that day comes, I will join

The shouts and trumpets and roars

The grateful clamor of joy

The night at long last is over

The Morning Son is here!


Rebekah is the granddaughter of the late Ben Rake, Jr.