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Thoughts About Cremation

by Jim Rowe

For most of my life, I have heard (and even adopted) the conviction that cremation was an UN-Biblical manner of dealing with the human body after the experience of death. Many arguments were made to defend such objection to cremation. The primary position seemed to be that God has promised that our bodies will be re-joined with our spirits and resurrected to spend eternity with God and Jesus and that cremation removed the existence of these buried bodies.

            Some have cited that many persons have had their bodies destroyed in fires and that God will be able to perform the resurrection in these instances. It has been noted that cremation was really nothing different and God will certainly be able to accomplish the resurrection then.

            I must admit that I have never been in favor of cremation, but have never had such spiritual objections to the practice.

            My personal “opinion” on the practice of cremation was changed a few years ago when the current “non-family” owners of an old family farm requested permission to move the family graves from their farm to a nearby cemetery, thus allowing them to more easily farm their field. The graves in this family cemetery were all seventy-five “plus” years old. Permission was granted to make this move and it was handled with much care and dignity. Photographs were taken so as to share the process with any concerned persons.

            The process of moving these graves revealed that there was little remaining in these graves except for the metal parts of the coffins and a pair of plastic false teeth. (I was amazed that these teeth appeared so much like current ones.)

            After reviewing this grave-moving, it revealed to me that the passing of time caused the human remains to return to the dust of the earth, and cremation only hastened this process.

            A review of some Bible Scriptures reminds us that (1) We were created from dust. & (2) We normally will return to dust after physical death. (Note the following Scriptures) (Highlighting is mine)

                                    After considering the above thoughts and Scriptures, I am not saying that there is any preference for the practice of cremation, but only to indicate that I can see no Biblical objection to the practice.

            May God lead each of us to approach the noted subject with love and discretion and not make the Bible say more than it does.


James Rowe is currently a member of the Hikes Point Christian Church in Louisville and serves on the Board of Directors of the Southeastern Christian Education Corp.

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  2. I am in the process of writing a response to this article. I believe that this issue is more complicated than Mr. Rowe would have us believe. Is there a specific contact point to send a rebuttal?


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