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One Hundred Years Ago February 1921 NEWS AND NOTES.

by Compiled by Larry Miles

     Through no fault of ours, 250 copies of January Word and WORK were damaged beyond use. As a result, we have been unable to furnish January to some who subscribed or renewed in that month. However, we will make up for this by supplying them with the entire series of Kingdom articles in some form or other a little later on. If friends would mail in their January copies it would help to supply those who asked for it.

     From Japan comes the word that Harry Fox has baptized two more converts from his class of young men. He speaks of frequent engagements with young men who desire to know more of Christianity; and of preparing a special sermon on “What is Christianity.”

     It occurs to us that that would be a live subject even in America. Herman Fox, who left a year behind Harry, is now teaching a class of young men also.

     “Ή. L. Olmstead begins a meeting with Seventh and Camp Street church, New Orleans, March 1. Five more conversions in the French field.”—Stanford Chambers.

     The church (colored) at Hancock and Burnett Avenue, Louisville, has moved into its new building, put up at a cost of over four thousand dollars. The little church doubled its membership in 1920 and did its good part toward the building expense. G. P. Bowser is their able and faithful evangelist.

     “I have just received the Bible and am delighted with it. I have already divided it into daily readings, which will take me through it once a year.”—Beulah Procter. The Bible was No. 22W. secured by sending a club of ten new subscribers).

     News note from the Christian school at Graton, California: ‘‘We have a fine little school with something like seventy pupils enrolled, from the first to the eleventh grades. A finer bunch of boys and girls never assembled for school work. We have the unanimous support of the brethren of the community. Prospects are good for a permanent work and you may look out for some good to come from these parts in the years to come. Brother Janes came by and gave us good talks.”

     The Bound Volumes for 1920 are already sold out. We will immediately bind a few more, however, which may be had at $1.50 each.

From Washington, D. C.: “The work is doing fine here.”— Ο. B. Curtis.

     As Paul gloried to others in the zeal of the Corinthian church and thus “stirred up many” in Macedonia, so it may stir someone to know that the Highland Church, Louisville, gave more than one hundred dollars for every Sunday of 1920; and more than half of the total amount contributed was for missionary and benevolent work at home or abroad.

     From Little Current, Ontario: “We have had very stormy winter weather and the storms and very deep snow have hindered attendance at the meetings. We expect soon to see more clear weather when snow will be well packed and tracked. We like the dryer snow and steady winter better than the damp, unsteady winter farther south.”—H. L. Richardson.

     The following information may be of interest to our preaching brethren: Clergy permits for the southern territory may be obtained from Southeastern Clergy Bureau, Atlanta, Ga.; permits for the eastern district (from the coast to St. Louis and Chicago) may be obtained from C. L. Hunter, 143 Liberty St., New York; permits for the western district may be obtained from Eben E. McCleod, 2162 Transportation Building, Chicago. The rate south is two-thirds of regular fare; the rate east and north is one-half.


The book, “Reminiscences and Sermons,” free for two new subscriptions at $1 each.

     “The Inkograph,” the satisfactory ink-pencil, is still offered free for three new subscriptions at one dollar each; a year’s guarantee accompanies each pen. Request must be made with the club.

     Uncle Smith Elkins, of the church at Tom Bean, Tex., a humble and simple servant of the Lord who also preached the gospel when opportunity came to him during many years’ past, in ripe old age, departed to be with the Lord last December. This, with the death of Brother Jim Davis was the second loss sustained by that church.

     Our tract, “The Use and Purpose of Unfulfilled Prophecy,” sold slowly at first, but is now called for increasingly and regularly; one cent each in any quantity. Other tracts: “Isaiah,” 10c; Jeremiah, 10c; “Why not be Just a Christian?” 5c; “How   to Understand and Apply the Bible,” 10c; “What it Means to be a Christian Only,” 2 for 5c; “Church Amusements,” lc; “Thirty Year’s Triumph,” lc. Quantities at lower rates.

     Your subscription notice is under the wrapper—if your time is out with this issue. We cannot send March until renewal is received.

J. E. Acuff recently preached two excellent sermons in New Orleans.

     From Amite, La.: “Work has been resumed on our church building. Funds hardly sufficient to complete the work. Help us complete the work. We are very thankful for the help brethren elsewhere have given, and pray the Lord to bless them in their work of faith and labor of love. Remember us and pray for us.”—W. J. Johnson.

     “I was with the church at Sugar Creek last third Lord’s day, for which 1 am to preach once a month this year. Good services both morning and night. I found them awake on missions, contributing to Brother Janes, the Mission Homes fund, and to Brother Fox. After making a little talk in regard to the suffering in China, the brethren gave $23 for the sufferers there.” —Edward E. Kranz.

     The last six-week term of the Portland Avenue Bible Classes begins Feb. 14, and closes end of March. The classes are better and better, in interest, power, and attendance.

     Contributions for the Glendale meeting-house fund received during January: Brother and Sister Rowe, $2; Dr. Honaker, $10: G. L. Mustain, $10; Horse Cave, $50. Total $72. This leaves a balance of about $1,800, which is long past due. We have been asked to raise this $1,800 by February 1, or during the first week of February. We faithfully look forward to the co-operative support of loyal brethren everywhere to help us bear this burden. Who will send us $10„ $25, $50, or $100, at once, and so lay up treasures in heaven? —B. B. Brooks, Treas., Elizabethtown, Ky., Route 6.

     A notice concerning the new song book, and the union singing class will be found on page 55.

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