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A Study of Heaven-Part 1

by Jim Rowe


   I was asked to substitute in our Saturday morning men’s Bible Study for 2-3 weeks with a study on the subject of heaven. This men’s Bible Study had been to go through the Bible in a book-by-book manner for several years, so this interruption was an unusual break in the normal routine. This departure from our normal method of study led me to consider the possible hazards of going to a “subject” study rather than simply going through the Bible book-by-book. It became apparent to me that such a subject study made it relatively easy to take Scriptures out of Biblical context in order to focus only upon a word that might occur within the text. The following conveys some of the thoughts that were considered in order to address the subject of heaven.

  I must admit that I had, and had read  the books on heaven by Randy Alcorn, Robert Jeffress & David Jeremiah several years ago. While preparing for this study, the choice was made to “NOT” refer to these books, but to simply depend upon both personal understanding and the search capability of the QuickVerse Bible software.

            The following is the study resulting from the above noted considerations. I pray that these thoughts are within the Bible Context and that they will encourage you to search the Bible for yourself for the truths presented there on the subject.

A Study of Heaven

(Session 1)

(Our focus in this study will be in the “third” and “fourth” heaven)

1) Methods of Study:

2) What Is Man?

What does the Bible say about Heaven?

There are in the Bible:

3) The first heaven is the firmament. This heaven is the closest to the Earth.

5) The third heaven is the location of God’s throne: situate to the utter most north from the earth. According to the Apostle Paul he was caught up to the third heaven.

   a)Where is God’s dwelling place as stated by Lucifer?

  b)Where did Jesus say he was going?

  1. c) Where did Jesus go?
  1. d) Where did Paul say he went?


Which “way” is heaven? (The Third Heaven)


            From the Scriptures we read, all indications are that heaven is “UP”. Just what is meant by that may be somewhat left to our imagination, but there are some other verses that give us some indication.

6) The Fourth Heaven (The New Heaven):


  Isaiah was the first to speak of this truth when he spoke of “the new heavens and the new earth”


James Rowe is currently a member of the Hikes Point Christian Church in Louisville and serves on the Board of Directors of the Southeastern Christian Education Corp.

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