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Help Us Preserve The Boll Library

by Robert Heid

We would like for you to participate with us in
growing the R. H. Boll Library.

     1) — Help us preserve the original library collection

What is the Boll Library? The Boll Library is a set of about a thousand
theological books which Brother R. H. Boll collected over his lifetime, mostly during his more-than-fifty years as the minister of the Portland Avenue Church of Christ. After his death, his family bequeathed them to the Portland Congregation to be preserved as a reference library available to anyone who would come and read. The books, which fill many shelves, were for several years housed in the Word and Work office at 2518 Portland, where they were organized and catalogued by Estelle Moody. Eventually, they were transferred up the street to Portland Christian School, where they formed a part of the collection used by the School of Biblical Studies for the years that it met on those premises. When SBS moved its operations to the Buechel Church of Christ, the Boll Library remained at PCS.

     These books reflect the breadth and depth of Brother Boll’s lifelong study of the Bible and his interest in the history of the Church. As books at least 60 years old and as much as 200 years old, they remain in very good condition. We are concerned, however, about recent problems with humidity and the security of the building. This is certain to require changes and expenses.

     2) Help us to receive important private book collections for permanent preservation

We have invited other Christians to donate books and periodicals from their own personal private libraries to ours (promising to take good care of them), not only to preserve them, but to make them available to a wider audience. At the present we have gratefully received books from the families of: Claude Neal, Dennis Allen, Alex Wilson, Billy Ray Lewter, Philip Bornwasser, and James Kurfees.

     This has allowed us to maintain a complete collection of Word and Work, and partial collections of The Exhorter, Truth Advance, The Evangelist, Missionary
Messenger, Christian Beacon,
and Millennial Harbinger. Help us complete these

We also want to continue acquiring historical materials from Portland Christian School, Kentucky Bible College, Southeastern Christian College, East Dallas Christian School, and other ministries of the churches.

We know that we are missing many articles, tracts, pamphlets and books published by people that we know and love. Help us to know about them; help us to preserve them. Help us use them.

     3) Participate in our free evening Christian education programs

In the spring of 2018, we began an evening-adult-education program for all who are interested, which we are calling ‘The School of Language.’ There is no charge for this. We have had classes on introductory Hebrew, introductory Greek, theology, Christian living, and several other topics, all taught by skilled Christian leaders who have volunteered their time. We offer four different classes at a time. A single class meets one evening per week for one hour per week for eight weeks, and you can take all four classes. Thus far we have hosted two eight-week series. Right now we are taking a summer vacation, and plan to resume in the fall. Attend
a class; or even teach one.

     4) Use our facility for public and private gatherings

For over a year we have hosted a weekly informal gathering which we call simply
‘Christian Conversations,’ where anyone who shows up may participate or direct
in the evening’s discussion. You are welcome to come.

     5) Help us expand our free tutoring program for local young people

There is a need and an opportunity for all kinds of out-of-school learning for young
people, both in and outside the Portland neighborhood — tutoring, after-school
reading groups, and home-school support. We do free tutoring, but we have

severe time-and-space limitations. Help us expand our facilities; and if you are a
parent or teacher, volunteer your time.

     6) Donate books suitable for general circulation

The Boll Library is a lending library as well as a reference library. We have
received valuable books (for circulation) from Christian Tate, Joseph West,
Michael Sanders, Steven Hutchinson, Adrian Stevens, Thomas Uhl, and several
others. We prefer that the donated books be in line with our learning objectives to
provide good books
for Christian education: classical literature, science-and-
mathematics, history, biography, outdoor activities, geography, classics, and good
(meaning good) fiction, suitable for young adults and life-long readers.

     7) Help us afford and find more room

Right now we are in one isolated classroom at the old PCS campus. We are
operating rent-free, for which we are thankful. But things are changing, and must

We need at least three or four rooms. Rooms need furnishings, books need shelves (and humidity control), students need tables and chairs. Rooms need a building. A building needs utilities and maintenance.

     8) Help us keep the lights on in Portland

Brother Boll left us not only a fine library, but also a fine example. Moving by
prayer and faith, trusting God to provide, he traveled around the country
preaching the Word, and he spent over fifty years of his very fruitful life in
Portland, where he taught from the pulpit, held tent meetings, preached revivals,
edited the Word and Work magazine, supported missionaries from Africa to South
America to China, taught weekly and daily Bible classes, helped to found a
Christian school, helped to organize Kentucky Bible College, and inspired an
annual Bible Conference. The opportunities, the needs, and the challenges in
Portland haven’t changed much. Along with his library, let’s remember his
example, let’s think about God’s ways and means, and let’s let the lower lights be

    If you want to support the Boll Library financially, the Allensville Church of Christ has graciously offered to handle this for us. Make checks payable to the Allensville Church of Christ and designate your donation to the Boll Library.

Thanks for reading this.

     Robert Heid, Chairman

     Robert Todd Gill, Treasurer

     Justin Adams, Secretary

For the R. H. Boll Memorial Library LLC

Email us:rhbo1l3@gmail.com–Visitourwebsite:rhbo1l3.wordpress.com


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