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2018 Nakahara Newsletter

by Submitted by Bob Yarbrough

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We hope this finds you well. We are so grateful for your faithful prayer-support as well your financial support. Kazuma, our oldest son began his career as a teacher two months ago. He teaches at a Christian School in Yamanashi Prefecture ( two and a half hour drive) founded by Canadian Missionaries many years ago. It is Junior and Senior High School for girls. He works long hours and comes home around 9 pm every evening. He has so much work, but it is not uncommon in Japanese society to work long hours (it is such a mystery). He teaches Bible and English. The junior high students are relatively quiet, so he is having more challenges trying to get students to be involved and respond. But Kazuma is very fortunate to have colleagues who are willing to help him as he is getting more acclimated as a first-year teacher.

He is attending Yamanashi Church where the pastor is someone I had known. When I knew him, he was pastoring in Tokyo, but had a life threatening illness. I was surprised, but at the same time excited, to find out that God had healed him and he is still in ministry. We believe God led Kazuma to this church. This pastor uses a walking cane, so when he preaches he grabs on to the pulpit to support himself. Kazuma has the privilege to see his dedication every Sunday, and he is grateful that God led him there. God truly blesses us when we seek His will in every step of our lives. Praise GOD!

Our second son, Lyn, is in his second year at medical school. The school keeps students extremely busy and Lyn often pulls an “all nighter.”  Yet, still, he keeps his part-time job to help with the cost of the school and his apartment. We are so grateful; but he doesn’t get to come home often due to his busy schedule. Lyn also attends a church in Hamamatsu where he lives, and he never missed a Sunday service last year. We are so proud of him for his commitment, and again we give thanks to the Lord.

As for Tomoko and myself, there has not been much change. In addition to our regular church duties I continue to work part time whenever work is available, but both of us are “feeling our age.” We get tired more easily and realize we are getting older. At the same time, as long as God allows us, we want to give our all to the work of the Lord. It is such a blessing to serve our Lord Jesus Christ! Tomoko continues to work as a Kindergarten Principal.

Last year, two members went home to be with the Lord. This spring, including Kazuma, three more young adults have left the area to begin their careers.  Then in the fall another couple at the church will be retiring and relocating. We are feeling our flock getting smaller and smaller; and it can be discouraging at times.  But we believe God will call whomever He wills to join us in His work.  Through the special outreach program we are having, God already has brought one to our Sunday worship service. We, as a church, are praying that the Lord will bring many more people with whom we can do our “faith walk” together. Because of this passionate desire we have as a church, our bond is even stronger than ever.

Please pray with us that our church will grow and many more will be receptive to the Gospel.

Maranatha!                                                                      Michiya and Tomoko Nakahara

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John 16:33