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Robert and Joy Garrett August Newsletter

by Robert Garrett

In my July Newsletter I could not tell you of every good thing that the Lord enabled us to accomplish during the four months of April thru July, and I promised to fill you in this time.

Correction: In my July newsletter I mentioned Dzumbunu several times. I meant trip up to Binga to oversee and facilitate some of the building construction and to hold a Camp Meeting at Bunsiwa. I worked on the building the first part of the week, and then the camp meetingwith Paul K. and myself sharing most of the teaching and preachingwas held FridaySaturday and Sunday. Attendance was just over 200.

Thunderstorm: While they were working on the completion of the roofinstalling the 15 ft long sheets of galvanized corrugated irona sudden thunderstorm descended on us and blew off two of the sheets which had not yet been bolted down. Fortunately no one was injured and the sheets were not badly damaged. Once the rain had passed the men were able complete the job. I will try to attach a photo of the finished roof.

Youth Camps at Ruwa: We had two Bible Camps during the month of April. First, there is the Easter Camp over the long Easter weekend, followed a week later by the Senior Camp.

School-Leavers, Easter Camp: “School-leavers” is the local euphemism for those who have graduated from high school. These are young singles age 18 and over. As many of these youth are employed they would only be able to attend camps that are held on a public holiday. In Zimbabwe, Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays, so this gives us a nice long weekend for this age group. We had 200 youngsters this camp.

Senior Camp: This is the high school age group. We had 94 children for a full week during the April school holidays. There were several baptisms.

Youth Camp Program: The mornings are occupied with four periods with different Bible lessons plus a Chapel service.Afternoons: First, there are group activities to prepare for the Friday evening closing program. Then sports activities that include soccer, volleyball and table tennis. These are all necessary experiences to the development of good teen growth and also lots of fun in a good Christian environment.

Paul Kitzmiller was with us for both Easter Camp and the Senior Camp. He was a welcome addition to our teaching staff – a much appreciated teacher for these two lively groups of youngsters.

Women’s Camp: The church women held their camp over a long weekend in May with more than 400 women from all over Zimbabwe.

Men’s Camp : This will be held later this month in August and it will be followed by the

Junior Camp: ages 8 -12. This camp is to be held during the August school holidays.

Hatfield Church of Christ: is one of eight of our congregations in the city of Harare. Bro. Paul K. held a Gospel Meeting there the last week of April. We certainly kept Paul busy the few short weeks he was here: Preaching every Sunday and at Camp Meetings, Youth camps and Gospel meetings. The lessons he gave were excellent, needful and much appreciated.

Dale Garrett: My nephew also made a 4-week visit to us in May. Dale is retired from his work with the US Census Bureau. I took him to a different congregation every Sunday where he was given opportunity to preach the word. These were well received.

Budiriro: The newest of our 8 congregations in the City of Harare. Three weeks before I left to return to the USA I was able mark out the foundation trenches for their church building. It will consist of an auditorium that will comfortably seat 200. A baptistery with two changing rooms. An office/toilet wing with two classrooms and the necessary toilets including “handicapped” as required by the authorities. Unfortunately, the receiver to my laser level stopped working so it took longer than usual to mark out and secure all the levels necessary. The digging of the trenchesthe removal of tons of earth by pick and shovelwas done over a three-week period by volunteer church members. As we will be using steel columns and steel framework for the roof, the City requires that this be designed by an engineer, who will also supervise from time to time.

We give thanks to our Lord for your prayers and financial support towards all of this work. The building works at Dzumbunu in Mhondoro, at Bunsiwa in Binga, and now Budiriro in Harare, have all been possible because of your generous and sacrificial giving and much prayerful support.

Much Prayer is continually needed for spiritual growth, evangelistic efforts, and God-appointed, Spirit-filled leadership in every place

The Lord Richly Bless Each Of You !   
Robert & Joy Garre


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