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Church of Christ Mission (Bob Morrow)

by Bob Morrow

Dear friends of Filipino missions,

                I send several boxes of items each year to the Philippines, about 3 boxes every 3 or 4 months.  Cost of shipping is $115 per box (no matter the weight) and I send the boxes directly to those ministers that I know.  Donations and gifts from fellow Christians make this possible.

Letters from Bro. Remegio Jumawan of Cotabato City and Bro. Ronilo Lano and Bro. Willie Bayocboc of Ilbocean, all in Mindanao Island, Philippines, send reports of their work and various issues for this year.  These Filipinos pray for my health and thank me for what I send.

The ministers are deeply appreciative of the Bibles, Bible study books, food and snack items, clothing (including new garments sewed by the Dorcas group in the Jennings church), shoes, ballpoint pens, razors, Words of Life CDs with David Johnson and Wayne Hobbs, study books printed by Church of Christ Missions, song books, NKJV audio Bible CDs, communion supplies, and financial gifts.  They say that all of it helps in preaching the Word of God as they share them along with the love of God.  The children are happy for the new garments.  The parents feel blessed and thank God for true people of God who share with them.  They say the love of God is in those who send the gifts in the boxes.

Many Catholics enjoy reading the Bibles and studying the free literature provided by CCM and shared by these ministers.  They also like English dictionaries to help with their grammar because they want to learn English.

The ministers also report that there is much calamity in their country with flooding in January of this year and again in May.  They have shared many of the garments with flood victims.

The Filipinos love Americans, saying we saved them from Spanish and Japanese and even Chinese occupation of their islands.  Some of the southern islands near Malaysia now struggle against the Muslim influx.  Pray for U.S. soldiers helping the Filipinos where “Muslims engage war against Philippine armed forces.”  The soldiers also give food to the locals there.

With funds that I send, Bro. Jumawan does humanitarian work by helping terrorist victims and also purchases some Bibles in the Philippine language to share with those who don’t know English.  Those who can read English enjoy the English Bibles because it helps with their English comprehension besides sharing the Gospel.

We wish to thank all who support God’s work in the Philippines.  The ministers there thank you for your unending care and concern.  They ask that we please pray for them that they can continue to preach unhindered.

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  1. Ronilo B. Lano says:

    Many thanks for the big box,you send us we recived in good conditon.
    Regards to your family and brethren around you now.

    Bro. Ronilo and Eric Lano.

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