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Precious Reprints From 1917 – Subjects for Special Prayer

by H. L. Olmstead

Realizing that too often our prayers are hindered because we deal too largely in generalities and have nothing specific in mind, I make the following suggestions to Word and Work readers for the new year.

  1.  Knowing that the brotherhood is committed to the proposition that the Bible is the Word of God, let us pray that the hearts of us all may be truly open, honest and sincere in our investigation of the sacred volume
  2.  Let us pray for a closer and more thorough searching of the Scriptures, especially on the part of preachers and teachers, to the end that there may be closer unity. Not only on the essentials of salvation but also on all other lines of Christian teaching.
  3. Let us pray that our differences on any point of teaching outside of essentials of salvation, may not divide us nor cause estrangement of Christian hearts.
  4. Pray that brethren may deal honestly and sincerely and kindly with each other.
  5. Pray that all who believe sincerely on the Lord Jesus Christ and are committed to the proposition that the Bible is the Word of God, may be led into closer fellowship and unity, regardless of denominational differences, to the end that denominational lines may be obliterated and all true believers be led to stand together.
  6. We know that emphasis of certain truths to the exclusion of others, is productive of partvism. Let us therefore pray, that the gospel may be preached in its fulness. That God's work in redemption may be given the place in our preaching that it is given in God's word as well as the human side of salvation. That grace shall be given the proper place in preaching and that works shall be preached in the same way that it is taught in God's Word.
    That the importance of prayer in evangelism shall have the emphasis that is given it in God’s word as well as preaching.
  7. Pray that plans and enterprises for mission work along scriptural lines, may multiply and that more workers may enter the field and find support.
  8. Pray for the workers already in the field and for the churches, that more of them will be filled with the Spirit which has its expression in “fellowship in the furtherance of the gospel.”
  9. Remember the work among the aliens in our own country, such as Bro. Patmont is doing in Cincinnati, and Bro. Desaro is doing in Detroit.
  10. Pray for an increase in such labors of love as finds its expression in orphans’ homes, etc., and pray for the institutions of this kind already in existence.
  11. Pray that there may be fewer objections to forward work of all kinds—objections which are not founded on God's Word.
  12.  Pray that the brethren may not plead for “peace at any price,” especially at the price of honest conviction and the awful price of doing nothing.
  13. Pray that all our religious journals may be free from sectionalism, Phariseeism, ecclesiasticism, the domineering spirit, and that they may all stand earnestly for the whole counsel of God.
  14. Pray that more preachers may lose sight of themselves, study their Bibles more, be less jealous of each other, be truly converted themselves and soak their sermons in prayer a little longer.
  15. Pray for all schools wherein the Bible is taught as the Word of God, that they may be filled with students, find support and be increased in number.
  16.  Pray for a general increase in piety among the brethren; for less frivolity and worldliness and more of the real joy of salvation.
  17. Pray for our country, that God’s children may live in pence and quietude and that its prosperity may not cause it to lose its soul in trying to gain the world.
  18. Pray that the present cruel war may soon cease and that doors of utterance may be opened in war-stricken Europe for the preaching of a pure gospel.
  19. Pray that the churches of Christ in America may see that the present crisis is the church’s opportunity.
  20.  Lastly, pray that the faith of the brotherhood on the question of prayer may be strengthened.
    We give the above as suggestive merely and not as a ritual to be verbally observed but we ask a careful consideration of the items mentioned above, and invite all believers in prayer to join us this year in making these things matters of special prayer at the throne of grace. God is always desirous of having intercessors—as much so as He is preachers, and they are sorely needed.

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