logoww  Word and Work magazine was  founded by Dr. David Lipscomb Watson in New Orleans, LA in  1908.  Stanford Chambers, a teacher in the Christian High School operated  by the 7th and Camp Church of Christ, was there from the  beginning.  From  then  till 1913, he shared the editorship with Dr. Watson.  Then  Dr. Watson sold the Word and Work to Bro. Chambers, who continued as  editor through December 1915.

In December of 1915, Bro. Chambers held a  meeting at the Portland Avenue Church of Christ in Louisville, where  Bro. Robert H. Boll had  preached since  1904.  While he was there, the  sale and transfer of Word and Work  to Bro. Boll was  completed.  Starting  the next month (January 1916),  Word and Work  was  moved to  Louisville, KY and  remained there ever since.  It was  a print magazine issued in Louisville  from  1916-2008.  Since 2009, we have been  putting it out  on line.

Since this issue (January 2016) is the  100th  year in Louisville, KY we thought  we would reprint  two articles from the January 1916 issue. One is  by  Stanford Chambers telling  the  readers of Word  and Work of the  change and the other is Bro. Boll outlining the  aims of Word and Work  as  it transitioned  to Louisville.


Larry Miles is co-editor of W&W and attends Cherry St. Church of Christ in New Albany, IN.