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Looking For Safe Places Now

by Joyce Broyles

Worship should be a time of reverence and awe as we express to the divine God how incredible we believe He is.  It should always be a time of wonder and joy as we are both encouraged and challenged.  Each time, we should learn something new to praise Him about.

Our minds being what they are, some days we are woolgathering, planning dinner or worrying about what stunts the children will pull next.  For those times, it is difficult to concentrate; however, a good speaker helps.  We can feel the effects for several days following a stirring message.

With all the tragic shootings happening today, we need to hear a message of comfort, one that will make us feel safe.  I thank God each morning for a new day, and then I ask Him to keep me ready to meet Him because of the evil that surrounds us.  How wonderful it will be to live with Jesus for eternity!  But how many of us are ready for that?

Jesus is just like those cities of refuge that we read about in Joshua 20.  They were assigned cities, the only safe places.  Jesus, too, is the only safe place, the only way (John 14:6).

The cities of refuge were prepared for anyone, citizen or alien, just as Jesus is available for all (John 3:16).

Those cities provided asylum while the people remained within their walls.  Jesus gives us protection if we abide in Him (Colossians 1:27).

People who sought refuge in those cities stayed there until the priest died.  Jesus died once for all, and will never die again, so we are safe forever.
Years ago, Sonny Childs told us about the father whose admonition to his children about Heaven was to "Be There!"  After thinking about Jesus as a refuge, I think I would add "and stay there!"

As a retiree now, I am not stressed about hectic schedules, but I know that even people who are can remain in that safe place.  I want to remind my children and grandchildren also about this safe place.  Even if we could provide a safe environment for them like the cities of refuge of old, or even if our homes have a safe environment, they need to know that "in Jesus" is even better.

In Jesus we can look forward to Heaven.  There we'll be safe, and we will praise Him forever with glorious personal expressions.


                             Joyce Broyles lives in Jennings, LA and worships with the Welsh Church of Christ


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Philippians 4:13