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A Nation Without Moral Absolutes

by Ron Bartanen

bartenen3We who are more “seasoned” in life do not live in the same country as we lived in during our earlier years.  It may have the same name, and occupy the same geological territory, but it is “no longer a Christian nation”—no longer respectful of Judeo-Christian values.  We have become a nation “without borders”.  I am not referring to the borders between the U.S. and Mexico so much as the borders of restraint of evil—a nation without moral absolutes.  Secular humanism has taken control of our schools, our TV-news-and-entertainment channels, much of our government and courts, and even many churches.   Truth has given way to subjective relativism, which, in reality makes man his own guide.

Tolerance is now seen no longer as forbearance, but of complete acceptance—on par with any other standard.  This seems, however, to be interpreted as Christians having to agree to the legitimacy of ungodly deeds and lifestyles, not secularists respecting Christians’ conscientious principles.  God’s word has little say-so in today’s society, and the situation has moved from bad to worse. It has become so bad that Playboy Magazine, as announced recently on NBC, has lost subscribers, and will be no longer including complete nudity because such is so available from other sources, especially the Internet.  Editor Hugh Hefner boasts that Playboy paved the way.

Moral relativism sees all standards as equals.  Right and wrong are determined by popular opinion, not Divine edict—no absolute standard to determine what is moral or immoral.  On this basis, every culture is equally valid.  What it comes down to is that many believe we have no word from God in the Bible, and even the Muslim Koran becomes its equal. Polls indicate that well over 60% of Americans now embrace this ungodly philosophy, which is now reflected in the nation’s acceptance of abortion, the selling of the body parts of aborted babies, homosexuality as something to be proud of, and same-sex marriages which must be honored equally with “traditional” (Bible-defined) marriage.

We need to heed the prayer of the prophet Jeremiah as he labored with a rebellious nation, not much unlike our own: “O LORD, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps” (Jer. 10:23).  We would also do well to heed the prayer of Jesus: “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth” (John 17:17).  May the day come when we re-embrace the sentiment of the phrase in our pledge of allegiance, “one nation under God,” that we may continue to be blessed of God with “liberty and justice for all.”


Ron Bartanen  lives in Sullivan, IL and  preaches for the  Arthur Church of Christ



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