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The Need For Articles For Word and Work

by Sandra Naugle

Do you see articles in the monthly Word and Work website from authors with whom you are not familiar?   Would you like to see more articles appear written by Christians that you know, or know of, from the churches with which you are familiar?

The editors or this website would also like to see articles that meet the above criteria. However, if members of the various churches in this fellowship do not submit articles for publication on www.wordandwork.org we must go outside our fellowship to find articles that meet with the beliefs that we share. We don’t mind doing this, as we search to make sure that all the articles we glean from various websites meet the criteria of being true to the Bible, but we encourage members of this fellowship to submit articles. Perhaps you have a sermon outline that would not take long to expand into an article? Ladies, do you have something to share on our website? You do not have to be a minister of the Gospel to submit an article for publication.

We are thankful, due to the generosity of the Sellersburg Church of Christ, to have the Word and Work radio program messages transcribed to use on our website. However, with limited speakers on the radio program, we are limited as to the names that appear as authors on the Word and Work website. We do have series of articles from the same author each month at various times. But we would like to see more names appear as authors.

If you would like to submit an article for publication on the Word and Work website, please submit the article to sknaugle@gmail.com.   We do have discretion to use or not use a submitted article. But if your article is based on God’s Word, it is likely you will see it appear on a monthly web edition.

It is our prayer that you will prayerfully consider using your pen for the instruction and/or edification of others.


                        Submitted by Sandra Naugle, Co-Editor of www.wordandwork.org

                           Co-Editors: Bennie Hill, Larry Miles, Ray Naugle

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