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News From The Past

by Larry Miles


107 Years Ago - Word and Work, 1908 -Brother Charles Neal is  holding a tent meeting in Cincinnati, IN. There is no church in or about the town. There has been no preaching there in sixteen months. He has large and attentive  audiences

100 Years Ago -Word & Work, 1915- H. L. Olmstead’s meeting near Mackville, Ky., resulted in 20 additions. Word and Work will visit ten families there.

90 Years Ago - Word & Work 1925 -From Linton, Ind.: “Brother Boll was in fine spirit for our meeting. The house proved too small several nights. One Sunday night we went to the Opera House. At least a thousand were present. Eighteen were added from all sources. Many questions were asked through the question box, each, evening after the meeting was under way. The church is much strengthened and encouraged.”— J. R. Clark.

80 Years Ago - Word & Work, 1935  -From Sellersburg, Ind.: "Ask some one who attended the Sellersburg Song Rally on April 5 and you will not want to miss tho next one. Brother Jorgenson was at his best. Brother Klingman made a n ice talk; Bro. R. A. Zahn was present and led the closing prayer. We hope to have many more such meetings. Come again, Brother Jorgenson and your Chorus."-E. E. Kranz

75 Years Ago, Word & Work, 1940 -RHB, home from meetings in Louisiana, begins Tent meeting with Highland church on June 2. The tent is pitched on the church yard, for convenience in all weathers. The meeting is to be protracted over June 16. after which BrotherBoll goes to Trumbull, Texas.

60 years Ago, Word & Work, 1954 - Cherry Street is planning a revival to begin June 7th, with Bro. Maurice Clymore of Dugger, Indiana as the visiting evangelist. We hope our revival has already begun and will continue. 'Two fine young parents have recently been baptized. -Bruce D. Chowning.

50 Years Ago, Word & Work, 1964 -Ormsby Avenue News We have had something like a hundred average attendance at church for the last 12 Sundays. Around thirty have not missed.


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