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Prophecy Conference Update

by Sandra Naugle

Prophecy Conference

October 26 thru 30, 2014

Sellersburg Church of Christ

Sellersburg, Indiana


The Prophecy Conference referred to in the title was well attended each evening (averaging over 120 each night) and the speakers delivered excellent messages. Sellersburg Church of Christ was very hospitable and it was an ideal facility in which to have this event. If you were not able to attend this event, where Bible Prophecy was expounded upon with truth and clarity, you missed an important and exciting time.

The opening night speaker, Bro. Bennie Hill, spoke on ‘The Signs of the Times’.

Monday night was Bro. Robert Garrett speaking on ‘The Kingdom in Prophecy’.

Tuesday night was Bro. Paul Kitzmiller speaking on ‘Israel in Prophecy’.

Wednesday night was Bro. Ray Naugle speaking on ‘The Rapture and the Revealing’. Thursday night was Bro. David Johnson speaking on ‘The Tribulation’.  

There was much scripture included in these messages that pertained to the prophecies of God in His Word. There were many positive comments heard each night as the audience left the building.

Bro. Larry Miles has created a Vimeo Channel for the videos—here is the link:


Bro. Larry Miles recorded each session with both audio and video. In conjunction with this conference, but not limited to the speakers at this event, Bro. Larry has set up a new website. The address for the website is:


This link takes you to the home page where you may click on either Audio or Video for each speaker listed who spoke at this conference. Once you are on the video you selected, you will see many more choices of videos of those who preach the truth in various locations. The conference videos are named with the subject on which each speaker expounded.

Bro. Garrett announced at the end of the Thursday night session that he would like to see one of these prophecy conferences held again, perhaps in Louisville, and perhaps in the Spring. He encouraged the church leaders to participate in the planning.


Submitted by Sandra Naugle, Co-Editor of WordandWork.org



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