A church  should  conform its life, its  teaching and its worship to the Word  of God. It  should preach the  gospel at  home and  abroad. It  should  afford the  privilege  of  communing every  Lord’s day and  urge every  member to  form and fix the  habit of so remembering the Lord’s death  till he come.

A church  should create  such an  atmosphere of  brotherly  kindness and  love that each would  feel ashamed to  misjudge or speak evil of another and that when one member suffers all the  members  suffer with it.

A church should take care of its poor and glorify  Christ the living head. No amount  of  praying, communing or giving  will avail without  love. Above all things put on love.

A church should give to men a real spiritual birth, nourishment for growth, training in service and graduation for  an abundant entrance into the eternal kingdom.

A church that does this is a church of Christ.


-Stanford Chambers,  “Word and Work,” Vol. 8, No. 10, October 1915, p. 4.