What Satan hates we ought to love, and whatsoever things  he  loves, we  Christians ought to hate  with  perfect hatred. He  who has  no power to hate has none to love; these  feelings are in antithesis to each other, and men know them chiefly  by contrast.

God is the great lover, and therefore also the great hater. We  read that He hates some things, six things particularly, yea, seven (Prov. 6:16). So, also, there are certain things and beings  that incur the  devil’s very special animosity-three Beings in particular.

It goes without saying that he hates the Father, God; and he would gladly  drag Him from  His lofty throne and banish Him from the universe.  But from of old he  knows full well how futile is the   effort. That has been tried in vain. Zinovieff of Communism may shout, “There is no God; let there be  no  God. But if there be a God, we  will grapple with him in his highest heaven.” Yes Satan knows, the  whole world knows, Zinovieff himself knows, they are  but  blasphemous, high-sounding, empty words, for an effect upon the people. Though sun and moon and stars may fall, that throne shall stand forever.

Therefore, the second person of the God-head, the  Savior-son, must be the special  object of the devil’s ire. In that flash-back of the holy birth which  crosses our vision briefly in Rev. 12:4, he  stands as the great red dragon before the twelve-starred, sun clad woman (Israel), of  whom came  Christ as  concerning the flesh (Rom. 9:5) to devour the wondrous man-child, even he who is to rule the nations with a rod of iron. Herod was the dragon’s agent then, though but a  puny type of  Ant-Christ who at length will seek to  destroy not only Christ, but His  church, which is His body-the whole full-grown He-man, yea, and her also (Israel) that gave  Him birth (Eph. 4:23).

But it would not be  strange if Satan were to hate the  Holy Spirit more than all. For He is, in a manner, the  devil’s very opposite; they are  antipodal. He is that other  spirit-being Christ’s  other self, that wondrous One who can be here and there and everywhere at  once, to do us  good, to help in all our infirmity, and to strengthen us with might in the inner man. How tragic, that even  Christians  have been known  to “grieve” Him, “quench” Him, “do despite” to Him; yea, some  have no doubt gone so far as  to commit against  Him that  sin that hath never forgiveness, neither in this  world nor the next—the awful sin  of  blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (Matt. 12:32).

What is this shocking thing that we hear—of certain preachers that have dared to say to the  people: “you can  go to the  ten-cent store and  buy the Holy Spirit for a dime.” One can, or could, indeed buy a copy of the New Testament for  a dime. But who is  still so “darkened in their understanding-because of the ignorance that is in them” (Eph. 4:18) as to  confuse the  soldier with his  sword 9Eph. 6:17), or to forget  that all the powers of personality are ascribed in the  Holy Scriptures to the living Holy Spirit-the third person of the eternal God-head!

Yes, Satan hates the Holy Spirit, and he  fights him at the antipodes, and as his deadly rival (Gal. 5:16,17). He knows the Holy Spirit’s help is our only hope of victorious and influential  living. “The flesh lusteth against the  Spirit”—how well we know it! “and the  Spirit  against the flesh.” Take care that no one—no false teacher or other influence—rob you of the  blessed Holy Spirit’s help!

-E. L. Jorgenson, in the  Word and Work, Volume LI, No. 4, April 1957, P. 90)   Bro. Jorgenson was  co-editor of the  Word and Work with  J. R. Clark (1956-1962)