The April issue of Word and Work online features articles written by the 7 men who have edited the paper. We are featuring an article written by each editor while he was serving in that capacity. Word and Work was started in 1908 in New Orleans, LA. by Dr. David Lipscomb Watson (1868-1939). He and   Bro. Chambers  served  as  co-editors from  1908-13.  During the early years it was called “The Christian Word and Work.” Dr. Watson  sold the magazine to  Bro. Chamber in  1913 and  he changed the name to “Word and Work.”  It was sold by Bro Chambers to Bro. Robert H. Boll and moved to Louisville, KY, and the January 1916 issue was the first one edited by Bro. Boll.  

The 7 men who served as the editors of “Word and Work” are as follows:

  1. Stanford Chambers,  (1877-1969) — Co-Editor: 1908-1913; Editor: 1913-1915
  2. Robert H. Boll,  (1875-1956).  — Editor: 1916-1956
  3. Elmer L. Jorgenson, (1886-1968). — Co-Editor: 1956-1962
  4. Julius R. Clark,  (1899-1968)  — Co-Editor 1956-1962
  5. Gordon Linscott, (1923?-1989)  — 1962-1975
  6. Robert Heid,  (1917-1986) — Editor 1976-1986
  7. Alex Wilson — (1937-)  Editor 1986-2010

Word and Work ceased printing in 2008 and is now a monthly online magazine. Since 2011 the web edition has been produced by a panel of editors selected by Alex Wilson to carry on the work.  This group consists of Larry Miles, Sandra Naugle, Ray Naugle, and Bennie Hill.  Matt Wilson brings the monthly edition ‘live’ on the internet.