R. H. Boll


RHBollNote: The following appeared in the May 1936 issue of Word and Work. It was included in Bro. Boll’s column “Words in Season. “. P. 88-89.

Among the specific safeguards against this inrush of wicked  deception are these:

       1. Check up everything against the Scriptures. Let no “experience, “transport, vision, sign or wonder, or guidance ,or anything, go by unchallenged by the Word. For in the last analysis that Word is our ones d only rock-foundation, and the only sure guidance and lamp for our feet.
2. Turn away at once from any doctrine or theory that denies to our Lord Jesus the sole and exclusive place that belongs to Him–any doctrine that would make Him a creature; that denies His essential deity, or His real humanity, His bodily resurrection, His personal Coming.
3. The vital center of the gospel is. “the word of the cross.”  Any teaching, therefore, that denies the fact that Christ died for our sins; that He was made sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him (2 Cor. 5:21); and a curse that the blessing might come on us (Gal. 3:13, 14); any doctrine that disparages or minimizes the value of the Bloodshed for the  remission of our sins–have nothing further to do with it, nor give it any ear or thought.  “Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass on.
4.  It is notable in many of the modern deceiving doctrine and cults that they seek to wipe out the line of demarcation between those who are Christ’s–the born again, justified, sanctified, saved, children of God, on the one hand, and the world on the other; between those who are in Christ and  those who are without; to emphasize the faults of God’s people, and extol the virtues of those  who are really “dead in trespasses and sins,” in order to destroy the vital distinction between the two. Of such is the modernistic slogan “the universal Fatherhood of God, and the universal brotherhood of man”; which. Is one of Satan’s deceptive passwords.
5. Finally–hold fast to those God-appointed outward acts, the “ordinances,” as they’re sometimes called; namely baptism and the Lord’s Supper, in which is enshrined the essence of gospel-teaching–the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord, and the Sacrifice of Himself for us. Satan’s , for some cause, is manifestly interested in getting rid of these, sometimes on the pretext of a “higher spirituality” or on some other pretext.
To hold theses chief items of safeguard in faith and in a spirit of prayer and obedience, will enable anyone to stand the test of the last days.