Larry Miles 

larrydec26The Right Attitude Toward God’s Word

The  Apostle Paul, writing in 2 Timothy 3:16 tells  us  that “ALL Scripture  is given by inspiration of God…” The  Christian  who desires to be “An Approved Servant of God”  must  hold this  view of God’s Word.

We have  been  blessed and  privileged  by our Creator to know  His  very thoughts  and desires for us.  The Word of God is His “love-letter” to us, His children.  Just as  we would cherish a letter from a loved one, especially one  who  is away from us, whether at  school, in the service, or just  living  so far away it  is  hard to see each other too often; we  will want to  refer to that letter often.

Today we have  the  means  to  stay “in touch”  via  e-mail and  social networks, such as  Facebook and Twitter.  We  also can see our  loved ones and friends  via Skype and Face Time.  But  it is  not the  same as seeing  each  other in person.

We  have not  seen our  Heavenly  Father, the  Lord Jesus and the  Holy  Spirit, and will not  until we  meet Jesus “in the  air” (1 Thes. 4:16-18) or when  He calls us  home via death. The  Word of God promises us that if  we are Christians who have accepted Jesus and been  baptized into Christ, we can and do share, together with  fellow believers,  the assurance that one day we will live eternally with the Lord.

If we accept God’s Word as true and authoritative we will have the  right  attitude  toward the Word of God.  We will want to  learn more of it  ourselves, as  well as help others in their pilgrimage.

Timothy is  commended by Paul in 2 Timothy 3:14-15 because of his love for, and dedication to the Old Testament Scriptures. Paul tells him and  all Christians that we must have the  right  attitude when it  comes  to God’s Word.

In  2 Timothy 3:16-18, Paul sets forth some guidelines for our  approach to studying the Word of God.  He  assumes that we will be reading the Bible on a  regular basis, not  just to say that we  have fulfilled our requirement to read a  certain number of verses or chapters today, although  it is good to be  on a  regular reading schedule.

A few months  ago, I was   privileged to listen  to the  podcast of the  Bear Valley Church of Christ in Denver, CO.  They  had a Wednesday  evening  class on Bible Exegesis, taught by Denny Petrillo and  Michael Hite.  It was  about  2 quarters long. They taught these  principles in a way that all could  understand and in a way that we could apply them in way to “dig  deeper” into God’s Word. The  key concept that Paul is endeavoring to get  across to  Timothy and us is that the “key word” in this  passage is  “Scripture.”

What was  Paul trying to get across about  Scripture?  The  text  gives us 2  observations. The  first   being that it is given by  inspiration and  the  second that it is  profitable.

Paul gives us  4  points  about the profitability of Scripture. He  does  this by  using  the word  “for” before  each one.  His  aim is that Christians  may be  fully  equipped for service.   The  Christian,  with the  Bible in his or her hands, is ready for service.

Paul assumes that we  accept the  fact that the Word of God  is inspired. So, for what is  Scripture  profitable?  It is  profitable for:

  1. Doctrine
  2. Reproof
  3. Correction
  4. Instruction in righteousness

If we  will utilize the  principles  here in 2 Timothy 3:15-16 we will have the  proper attitude  toward God’s Word and be equipped to be “An Approved  Servant  of the Lord”  We need to remember that we must  desire and want to grow in the Lord and in His Word.  He will not force us to, but  if we avail ourselves of all the  resources  He has for us, we can and will “grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus…” (2 Peter 3:18)