Robert and Joy Garrett

August 2013

      I have been back in USA three weeks now. It is such a change in so many ways. It was winter in Zimbabwe and it is a hot and humid summer here in Louisville. There in Zim almost every waking hour I was involved and busy with a variety of different tasks : preaching, teaching, counseling, building, and dealing with city officials.

It was so wonderful to be back with Joy, my dear wife, and see most of my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The Louisville Fellowship week the end of July was a great time to hear stirring messages and visit with brethren in our fellowship. I also was one of the speakers.

     DZUMBUNU : A small rural township about 40 miles outside Harare in the Mhondoro area. We were given a Church site by the local authority. It is triangular in shape and fronting on the main road. It has some nice trees growing among granite boulders and outcroppings. It required a lot of blasting and some terracing to clear the area where the building is to go. I managed to finish putting in the bench marks and laying out the foundation just before I left for the USA. Our workers are now digging the foundation trenches. We may have to do more blasting as more boulders are encountered.

     BUDIRIRO : A “high-density” residential area in Harare. In earlier letters we had asked for prayer for the church that meets there out in the open. We have been trying for years to get a church site and finally things seem to be moving in the right direction. The Estates Dept of the city has finally agreed to present our application to the City Council, however we were told nothing could be done until after the elections (held end of July) and the new Council is sworn in. PLEASE KEEP THIS IN YOUR PRAYERS.

     BIBLE STUDIES : I started a series of intensive Bible studies which ran three nights a week for eight weeks. Tuesday evening at Glen Norah, Wednesday evening at Kuwadzana and Thursday evening at Mbare. (three of our eleven congregations in Harare). From 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. I taught Genesis the first hour and the Gospel of John the second. The attendance was quite good but disappointing in that very few of our youth attended. Lord willing if I return next year I want to resume these Bible Studies.

                                                          MORE ANSWERS TO PRAYER :

     MICHAEL MANGISI : Thanks for your prayers for Michael, He is back at work but has to watch his health carefully. He is type 2 Diabetic which is controlled by diet. He sometimes collapses and has to be hospitalized until he recovers. Myriads of tests have been run but none have been able to explain his condition. We THANK OUR HEAVENLY FATHER for your prayers and God’s blessings.

     NEW GIRLS DORM : This has been basically completed and is in use although there are a few finishing touches yet to be done.

     BINGA – WATER SUPPLY: Our plan to enclose the spring on the hillside has been approved. Lord willing, I would like to start on that project next year.

     60TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY : The large cafeteria room of PCS was filled with family and friends who had come to celebrate with us our 60 years of happy marriage. Our daughters and granddaughters had baked and prepared all the cakes and goodies for the guests to eat. The 60 years that Joy and I have enjoyed together, our six children, 25 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, our 53 years as missionaries in Zimbabwe, has all been by the GRACE of God to whom all praise and glory belongs through our Lord Jesus Christ !

     THE NEXT SIX MONTHS : Unless the Lord directs otherwise I will be here through the winter and plan to return to Zimbabwe in March next year. Joy and I are so grateful to each of you for your continued support and prayers.

                                                                                                        MAY THE LORD RICHLY BLESS EACH OF YOU !

Robert Garrett