Dear PCS Family and Friends,                                                     July 12, 2013

Each year at Portland Christian School we evaluate the composition of our enrolled student body to determine the best classroom structure and resources. As we examined the 2013 -14 school enrollment for the Portland Avenue Campus we discovered there were 28 families, 40 students enrolled in grades 1– 8. There were 24 students in grades 1 – 6 and no kindergarteners. In June we met with families of the Portland Avenue students to share the impact the 24% drop in enrollment would have on classroom structure for the elementary school. With the lowered elementary enrollment, students would likely have been placed in combined grade level classes. This would have placed some students in a combined class for the fourth year of their education. Parents raised concern about their son/daughter being the only boy or girl in their grade level as well as some grade levels having only one enrolled.

Following that meeting our Board met in a special session to consider the decline in enrollment over the last decade and the various expressions of appreciation and concerns from parents. They also weighed the impact of continuing split classes and socialization – the overall educational experience as raised by both teachers and parents. One of those board members summed it up this way.

“The school board has the responsibility each year to review the resources God provides to PCS and how best to use them to provide Christian education to our families. As a former “Portland Kid” myself, I am excited to continue serving the families living in Portland albeit at the Eastside campus. Our hope is that the overall educational experience can even be better”. Houston Cockrell, Chairman of the Board.

As Executive Director, I am thankful for the Board’s devotion to our Lord and to the families we serve. How humbling it is to be a part of a body of teachers, staff members, administrators and board members who are passionate and deliberate about serving Him.

A resolution was adopted that night that included the following:

Effective with the 2013 – 14 school year the regular academic activities at the Portland Avenue Campus will be transferred to the Eastside Campus

• The Portland Avenue Campus shall continue to be used for other activities (sports practices and games, conferences, fairs and events, public and community meetings, administrative offices, etc…)

• PCS will provide school transportation to the Eastside campus for at least one year.

• PCS will continue to offer after-school care at the Portland Avenue Campus, under the existing terms and conditions, based upon demand, for at least one year.

While this was a difficult decision, I am thankful that God has made provision for PCS to continue its 90 year educational ministry to the next generation of children. In prayer sessions with the other administrators, we have felt the Lord lead to focus on unity, quality and accountability in all facets of the Christian school culture at PCS. It is our prayer that the Lord be glorified through a rejuvenation of spirit and excellence in our service to PCS families. We are working to continue to enrich and improve the overall educational experience of every student.

When you arrive on campus this fall, you will see some much needed campus improvements. We are humbled and grateful to have received an anonymous donation earmarked toward paving the drive and parking lot as well as installing a wood floor in the gym. Students will find some new furniture in the high school library as well.

Please join us as we pray and prepare to serve all PCS students in one location for the first time in 35 years. We are looking forward to continuing to provide the quality Christian education that is our mission. We are praying that the Holy Spirit will infuse our teaching, our serving and our purpose. We remain called to provide affordable, accessible Christian education to those children and families that desire it. Our rooms will be filled with excited learners and dedicated teachers. I hope to see you there.

To God be the glory as we begin our 90th school year.

In His service,

Jodell Seay