Comments by Larry Miles on a sermon by Steve Higginbotham

Steve Higginbotham, in an audio sermon, tells of preaching on the Grace of God at South Green in Glasgow, KY.  An individual in the congregation had not been living for the Lord at all, was not a Christian. This man, in his 50′s (I think) received word that He had inoperable cancer and only a short time to live. He then decided to obey the Gospel. He was very faithful but lived only 2 months and died.

Steve tells of being in a Bible class soon after and a lady was complaining about this man and saying that because of his past life he did not deserve to go to Heaven and wanted Steve’s thoughts on this. Steve said, yes, you are right he did not deserve to go to Heaven; but in fact neither do you nor I. It seems that this sister was resenting the grace of God.

Steve talked about the Parable of the master hiring the workers at different times of the day and paying them the same wage. The ones hired earlier resented the master’s generosity (grace), Do we “resent “the grace of God?”

-Larry Miles lives in Louisville, KY and   worships at Cherry Street Church of Christ