UTICA CHURCH OF CHRIST (Indiana) is currently looking for a new pastor.  If anyone in the fellowship is interested in applying for the position, the contact person is Hank Dorman(812-288-6748) (cell 502-644-6748) — deacon of the church.

21st ANNUAL CHRISTIAN CRUSADE FOR CHRIST is scheduled for March  24th – 28th (Sunday – Thursday) at the Oak Grove Church of Christ (Louisiana).  See program attached. Many look forward to this yearly fellowship with brethren in Louisiana.

Ladies Inspiration Day 2013: The Ladies  Inspiration Day  (LID) will be  held  on Saturday, April 13, 2013 at the Sellersburg Church of Christ.

KENTUCKIANA/INDIANA CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP has been scheduled for the week of July 29 – August 1, 2013.   Put that on your calendar for next year and start making plans to attend the fellowship.    The committee will soon be providing the program of speakers and topics.

The MACKVILLE CHURCH OF CHRIST (KY) has a Minister vacancy due to the recent passing of their previous minister, Bro Charles Knecht.  If you have interest in this position or know of someone who could be interested, please contact our church representative, Sandy Carey.  He can be reached by email at Mackvillechurchofchrist@yahoo.com or by phone at 859.262.5146 (h), 859.481.2677 (c).



JAPAN (2/21/13)

Trusting this finds you folks well in His grace.  Thank you for your prayer for a smallest slave servant couple here for the Master Jesus Christ.  Next month (March 16th) Yoriko will be an 80 years old beauty, while four more months today I will be an 82 yrs. old servant for the Great King and Master, Jesus Christ. ….”just a few more days…” so says an American gospel song.  The national weather bureau has forecasted that this year the winter would be longer with more severe days, and sure enough we have had several heavier snow falls already within this month alone, a heavier one with more than 2 feet deep. Much and many snow falls already, and the pilled up snow on the ground has changed to or turned into a thick layer of ice.

LeCOMPTE CHURCH OF CHRIST (Louisiana)  meeting with Sonny Childs May 17-19.  (Friday – Sunday)   His son, Bryson, will join him on Sunday the 19th.    Pray for this meeting and the congregation there and as Bro. Dillard Fontenot continues to minister.