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Why Do You Believe The Way You Do?

by Larry Miles

The Following Article is from the blog, "Larry's Lines." http://larryslines.com

Why do we believe things about the Word of God the way we do? Why do we hold to the teaching and doctrines? There are many possible reasons for holding these truths. But, are they the right reasons?

All Christians should want to know the truth and then practice that truth in their everyday walk for the Lord Jesus. But the question before us today is: How can we know what we believe is right? Some of the reasons we give may be OK as secondary reasons.

Do we accept the doctrine in the Bible because:

Let’s say that the individuals above are faithful to God’s Word. Christians should be able to expect that what is taught by the above is the truth. If we have the faithful influences above, it should help us grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.

But we cannot be saved by what others believe and teach, no matter if it is the truth. Someone said, “no truth is truly yours until you find it for yourself in the Word of God.” I must have a personal faith and belief in God’s Word. We can and do learn more about the Bible with the help of others. By having a personal knowledge of the Word and the desire to learn more, that will help us to know whether what is being taught is Scriptural.

By knowing what is real and true, we can discern and distinguish truth from error. The Bereans in Acts 17:11 were commended by the Apostle Paul, not because they accepted what he taught hook, line, and sinker, but because “they searched the scripture daily to see if what he taught was true.”

We need to know God’s Word in that way. If we do, we will not be influenced by false teachers from within and without. We will be able to help not only ourselves stay true to the “faith once for all delivered to the saints,” but will be able to teach others. We must follow the teaching Paul gave in 2 Tim. 2:2. It is there that he told Timothy to teach the Word to faithful men, who would likewise teach faithful ones. By following this excellent procedure, we can be faithful to the Word and know that we are helping future generations understand the importance of studying and passing on God’s Word to others!

-Larry Miles lives in Louisville, KY


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