You may have noticed a variety of writers in the past few months on this web edition of the Word &Work magazine.

June writers all seemed to fit into the title for the month.

As stated before, the Sellersburg Church of Christ has been furnishing us with transcribed messages from the Words of Life Radio Program and from messages delivered from their pulpit.

Articles in July and August are transcribed messages from Words of Life. We hope you will appreciate and enjoy reading the ‘spoken word’ that has become the ‘written word’.

Note: there is one exception to the transcribed messages in August.

It is ‘So You Still Think God is a Merciful God’. This was written by a Christian mother who was in Theater 9 with her daughters when the gunman began shooting. It addresses questions being asked by many after this horrendous act, hence it is included on August’s website in order to be presented in a timely manner.