Moto & Yoriko Nomura, Bethany Home, 1381 Koarama, Nagasaka-Machi Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi-Ken, 408-0031 Japan

This year, we have been both too busy as well as too blessed with so many kinds of service unto the Lord in serving His people in Japan, Korea, and America. For an 80 years plus .. geezer bumpkin couple, we must thank God for His using even us. And of course we must thank our faithful friends in America for their faithful prayer support that has made our ministry so meaningful and influential.

We were invited by both Fuller Theological Seminary and Pepperdine Bible Lectureship to deliver our messages this spring. I gave testimony on my Korean slum ministry.

Two years ago I donated almost all of my books and materials on the Stone Campbell Restoration Movement and history to the newly erected Heritage Center of Churches of Christ in Pepperdine University, almost half a ton, or almost forty boxes.

This fall, another huge amount of boxes packed with books have gone to Fuller Theological Seminary, almost one ton in weight, fifty two boxes. This way I can leave the planet earth light.

I have published a book this year on Korea and its slum, and have distributed among churches and friends, both Jesus believers and not-yet believing ones. It has given them a lasting impression.

I have been still ministering to the former slum friends in Korea in visiting them or else by e-mailing to encourage them to be a part of God’s happy exhibition of His happy Kingdom.

Also my weekly e-mail ministry has been well accepted by many, for which I am grateful. Our small house-church folks have been very gracious in supporting our ministries, though numbers not to many, only several at the most.

The largest Christian daily newspaper in Seoul, Korea, has sent their men for three days twice. And currently they are publishing in their daily column our ministry for their own slum folks. Koreans do not appreciate Japanese due to our past aggression over them. But they love us very much, and appreciate our Christian ministries of our family to them.

Physically, both Yoriko and I are still remain relatively healthy, though of course we have our own infirmities due to our age, my 80 and a half while Yoriko 77. I visit local hospital thrice a week for a shot to try to control the growth / breeding of germs in my liver, the hepatitis germs. Yoriko contends with lower blood pressure.