When the Savior rose to glory,

There to share His Father’s throne,

Leaving here, to tell His story,

All His chosen and His own,

As a parting pledge of favor

His most precious gift He sent,

Even the Eternal Spirit–

Crown of Christ’s new covenant


A convicter to accuse us,

To rebuke the pride within;

With the two-edged sword to smite us

And expose our hidden sin.

Then a comforter to cheer us,

To remind us of the blood,

Bringing rest to troubled conscience,

Showing we have peace with God


Holy Spirit, sent from heaven,

Now enlighten our dark mind,

That the Scriptures You have given

May in us a welcome find

There reveal our gracious Savior-

Perfect Lamb, High Priest, Bridegroom-

Glorify Him, make us like Him,

Till He comes and takes us home


Make our lives a bounteous vineyard

Where Your holy fruit may grow,

That the Master of the vineyard

Pleasure from His fruit may know.

Christ, we come for living water,

That the desert lands around

Also may be rich and fertile

And with fruits of love abound.


Fiery Spirit, Wind from heaven,

Oh, we need revival now!

Stir us, rouse us from our slumber;

With full strength and pow’r endow

May all members of Christ’s body

Fully use the Spirit’s gifts,

That together to all nations

We the cross may soon uplift.


May be sung to the tune of “Love Divine, All Love Excelling”

Reprint from February, 1994, Word and Work Magazine

-Alex Wilson lives in Louisville, KY and is  Editor of “Word & Work” and preaches for the Portland Avenue Church of Christ.