MISSIONARIES: (from the 2011 Prayer/Praise Booklet)

Field Address: Mark & Candy Garrett, La Mission SIM, B.P. 17553 Dakar-Liberté, SENEGAL W. Africa E-Mail: mark.garrett@sim.org

Greetings from Senegal!

God is blessing in many ways during the distribution conference for the Pastor’s Book Set. Almost 300 church leaders representing the majority of the language groups of Senegal are soaking up solid teaching this week. 2 days have passed and today is the final day. These leaders are wrestling with important issues that grow out of their Senegalese context, issues that are addressed in the 34 books that they will receive today equipping them for years to come.

I asked some of them “what did you learn today?” One man said, “I learned that I could use common everyday objects as visual aids to explain the Gospel to my M*slim friends” Another said, ” When discussing the Gospel with M*slims I used to be offended when they would react aggressively. Now I understand something of their insecurities and doubts. Many of them are just trying to cover up their own lack of knowledge. I will be more patient in sharing with them in the future.” Another said, “Now I see that it is not impossible for M*slims to come to Christ! I will begin reaching out to my M*slim neighbors.”

The conference speaker from Mali summed up an important point. “It is not up to us to wait for our M*slim friends to come to us with questions. It is up to us to bring the Gospel message to them.”

A panel of experienced pastors discussed the importance of integrity in the life of the pastor. This turned into a lively discussion and left many wanting to pursue this issue in the context of future church seminars. They could have discussed this issue for hours!

There is much more to tell. Blessings of a wonderful SIM Senegal team of helpers! So efficient! So willing! Yesterday lunch was ready early?!? Yes! (ever try serving lunch to a crowd of 330?)

You have been praying and God has been filling seminar leaders with His Spirit for an amazing encouragement for these leaders! Thanks for continuing to pray for this last day of the conference and for God to build His church in Senegal among the Wolof and also among all the language groups here.


-Mark Garrett is  from Winchester, KY  and  he and  his  wife serve as missionaries in Senegal, West Africa