Hi there! Greetings from Senegal!

We have survived to the end of the Dakar Academy school year with all of its activities! Wow, what a whirlwind. :<)

Thanks for the way you have been faithful in praying for us here. We really  appreciate it! Today we have a couple of new things for you to pray about.

  1. The first one is a praise! Kathryn, and our niece, Hannah, came to see us last month and have blessed us with a wonderful visit. They were able to do some encouragement ministry here as well, even painting a Biblically themed mural on a wall in a ministry to street children. They were both to return in a couple of days, but we got a nice surprise when it worked out for Kathryn to stay on for the summer months. She will be helping in the street children ministry which is short-staffed just for the summer. She won’t be compensated like she would have been if she found a job in the USA, but she is trusting the Lord to provide the finances she will need for her college expenses this coming year. Thanks for praying for her in this ministry opportunity this summer.
  2. The other item concerns our upcoming project called Pastor’s Book Set. The shipping container has arrived in the port (praise!) with 300 sets for pastors in Senegal. This is a starter library (33 titles) for evangelical church leaders who have a teaching or preaching ministry. We plan to distribute the sets in a pastors’ conference in October this year. Our need now is to get the sets out of the port and through customs so that we can store them in a secure affordable place until the conference. Normally, importing religious books in Senegal is no problem and there is no duty to pay (only administrative fees). But since a couple of the titles have to do with Muslim evangelism, a customs official could potentially make lots of trouble for us if he doesn’t like it, either slowing things down or confiscating what he doesn’t like. So, please pray that God will smooth the way before us and that the sets will clear the port and customs soon.

Thanks again for praying!

Mark & Candy

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