Many Christians get nervous — in fact, some panic — when they know a magazine or sermon is going to be about women’s roles in serv­ing the Lord. That’s what radical feminism with its extremism has done to us.

But not to worry. To alleviate any fears at the very outset, let me quote from Beth Wade’s article in this issue. (It was first published in Christian Chronicle.) She writes,

At each congregation I have been interviewed by the elders, hired by the elders, and my work has been under the supervision of the eld­ers. There have been no accusations of my usurping authority over any Christian man. . . .

So we are not talking about women delivering sermons or serving as elders. But we are talking about the many various ways that our sisters can use their spiritual gifts and exercise their spiritual priesthood.

Such as:



missionary work,

benevolence ministries,

college teaching or dorm mothering,

working with children and young people,

hospitality and fellowship groups in their home,

being supportive wives and caregiving mothers,

writing or editing Christian literature,

being nurses, doctors or therapists,

school teaching or administering,

ministering via radio or TV,

or via social work,

etc. etc. etc. etc.


Hey, keep reading, brothers and sisters. It’s exciting. And if some ideas are relevant only for large churches with several staff members, that’s okay. Other suggestions apply to churches of any size. May God give all of us vision, faith and zeal.