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From The Mission Fields…

by Robert Garrett

Letter From Robert & Joy Garrett January, 2011

Agrippa Chivengwa: We were saddened to hear of the passing of our dear brother and fellow worker early in the new year. Bro Agrippa fell asleep in the Lord after surviving a number of debilitating strokes over the past 7 years that left him increasingly incapacitated. Bro Agrippa served for over 40 years as an effective evangelist among our churches in Zimbabwe and as minister of the Tafara Church of Christ. We worked together in many important and sometimes difficult areas; his wisdom and leadership will be greatly missed.

Other News From Zimbabwe:

Hwange: The construction work there has been on hold for several years and now we are trying to get it resumed. Michael and three other workers made the 500+ mile journey to Hwange January 9. They arrive there to discover there is no water at the church site.! It seems that the pipe feeding the church site is rotten and the Hwange Mine authorities will only do the repairs if we provide the 6 x 20 ft lengths of piping needed! Obviously, water is necessary for the mortar be-fore any bricklaying can be done. And they cannot even cook without water !

Another difficulty is the extreme shortage of firewood for cooking. They were forced to buy a small paraffin cooker for that purpose as thankfully paraffin is available (that has not always been the case).

Next Trip Back To Zimbabwe-- Lord willing I will be going back near the end of March and expect to stay at least four months. Joy is still not able to withstand the rigors of such a flight so I must leave her behind.

Paul Kitzmiller: As the Lord enables, Bro Paul Kitzmiller plans to with me to preach and teach through the month of April. We have lined up a heavy program for him and hope we don't wear him out! Surely the prayers of God's people will assist much in making this a fruitful time for the kingdom.

Robert & Joy Garrett

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