ATHENS GREECE…From Emie (Galanis) Paschou My mother’s (Sophia Galanis) situation is very bad, some days her communication is OK but most days she is not with us mentally. She is able to take very few steps a day and then she in a wheelchair.

The GOOD NEWS is that a few months ago a man called Titus asked to get a hold of my fathers correspondence lessons. My father as many of you know had been evangelizing the Greek people through correspondence for years. Thousands of people had received even a few copies which led them to read through the Bible. Every lesson was for each book of the N. Testament. This man Titus who works with computers is going to put these lessons up on line on September 15th.

I thank God for this new turn of events and I wish that for one more time the word of God will enter Greek homes and that the study of the Bible will unlock many hearts and turn them towards God. I am happy for my father and his work “though he is dead he still speaks”

ANOTHER CHURCH…closes its doors!   We regret to inform you that there is no longer a N.Fourth St. Church of Christ in Wichita Falls, Texas. Due to illness of our leaders an no one to take their places, we have sold our building to another Church of Christ.    It was the decision of the members to divide the money with those we have been supporting for the last several years.      Love in Christ,  Members of the N. Fourth St. Church of Christ

Locust Street Church of Christ, Johnson City, TN — . The church at Locust St. now has a web site: We are putting sermons by Hall C. Crowder on the site in both  audio and  video. The church has a new preacher: Brandon Thomas, a student at Emmanuel School of Religion. Dr. Mark Yarbrough from the Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas will be the preacher for the Homecoming meetings November 7-10, 2010. -Richard Lewis.

Upcoming Meetings:

  • Parksville Kentucky (Frank Preston) Revival & Homecoming 2010vOctober 8,9 @ 7 p.m. – October 10 – Homecoming with meal after services visiting Speaker:  Bro. Otis Clark Special Singing
  • LaGrange Church of Christ (Louis Schuler) Spiritual Revival  — October 11-15  – 7:30 p.m. Nightly


  • Monday           Ron Flora
  • Tuesday           Jim Gillaspie
  • Wednesday     Joe Stone
  • Thursday         Ray Naugle
  • Friday              Bud Ridgeway
  • Cherry Street Church of Christ (Nick Marsh) Homecoming 2010 — October 17, 2010 — “Who’s Your Shepherd?”  — Guest Speaker: Sam Marsh, Cythiana, KY; Minister, Belmont Church of Christ, Winchester, KY

Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.
Worship: 10:30 a.m.
Basket Dinner to  immediately following  services.

  • Hamburg Church of Christ (Randy Coultas)  — “Service for God’s Kingdom”  — October 17-21 at 7 p.m. Different speakers from Hamburg and local areas each night. Round Table discussion on Thursday evening, October  21, 2010
  • Buechel Church of Christ (Bud Ridgeway)   — Homecoming & Revival —  October 24-27, 2010 — Guest Speaker:  Jim Gillaspie  – Minister for Kentucky Ave. Church of Christ — Sunday 10:40 a.m. & 7:00 p.m. Mon-Wed  7:00 p.m.
  • LeCompte Church of Christ (Louisiana) (Dillard Fontenot) — 3-day Revival Meeting — November 19,20,21, 2010 — Evangelist, Robin Gough

Information on  Web Sites for Churches  or Individuals: This is  Larry Miles. I am a member of the Cherry Street congregation in New Albany, IN and  am their  Web Servant.  If you would like information on a  web  site  for your  congregation or as  an  individual, please  contact  me at  or  go to my  web  site “Larry’s Web Services.”

Tell City Church of Christ — 1206 10th Street, Tell City, IN 47586  (812) 547-6778  —Web Site:

Minister Opening Opportunity —September 2010

Tell City church of Christ has an open opportunity for a minister of the gospel to come work with us. We are located in southern Indiana, and situated in a community of some 9,000 residents.  Our congregation is an a cappella group, that holds to the New Testament church as the example we strive to follow. Our congregation has a membership of about 65 members and is served by three elders and three deacons. We share in a brotherhood of sister congregations spread throughout Indiana, Kentucky ending in Louisiana.

This opportunity is unique in that the successful candidate will be able to experience all aspects of the ministry – preaching, teaching, visitation, and pastoral care and be able to grow talents in those areas.

Our congregation supports:

  • local and foreign missions
  • participates in camp work
  • benevolent works (both local and distant)
  • VBS
  • annual meetings and revivals

Our congregation studies and follows the whole Bible, and primarily follows the pre-millennial view on end times theology.  This position has potential to be Full or Part time, even with a possibility of a present “student” being considered for an internship, or as a co-op.

Fringe benefits to be discussed with prospective candidates as appropriate.

Contacts: Michael Elaman – Elder – 812-547-7261 Email –

  • Frank Heeke – Elder – 812-547-6191 – Email –
  • Larry Bryant – Elder 812-836-2533 – Email –


Crystal Hardin  —

I am very grateful to those who have remembered me in prayer about moving to —. I moved in August, and am helping to start a Christian high school for the children of the Christian workers here. Many tentmakers and missionaries come to this area because it is on the — border and there are opportunities for ministry. Until now the only options they have had were to homeschool, send their kids to boarding school in South Korea, or leave the field.

I teach six classes in the high school (similar to PCHS with Bible class each day and weekly chapel). We have started the ninth grade and also have two older students in some separate classes. We hope to add the tenth grade next year and begin the accreditation process. Since they are not — , we are able to teach the Bible freely.

I also teach British Literature in the university here, which was established by Christians from other countries. I present the Christian worldview in the literature, but there is no evangelism in the classroom although groups meet outside. Many are Christians by the time they graduate, and some have even entered full-time ministry in various places.

The transition has been pretty smooth, and I am thankful that the Lord has supplied my needs thus far. There is a need to be cautious with mail and e-mail, but I can send a secure letter out occasionally.

Items of Praise

  1. for a smooth transition: obtaining a visa, setting up housekeeping, finding a place of worship, having needs supplied.
  2. for a good start for the new high school.

Items for Prayer

  1. for the salvation of university students and their growth in discipleship groups for students’ work or further study after graduation. They must have scholarship help if they go on to graduate school, and we also pray that they will become ambassadors of the Kingdom
  2. for the growth and accreditation of the new high school, and spiritual development of the students.
  3. for more teachers and support for our high school and for both universities. Teachers raise their own support
  4. for protection for me from the continual nuisances, attacks from the enemy to frustrate me and slow me down, such as computer problems and disappearing flash drives.
  5. for me to be more efficient

North Philippines — David & Linda Moldez ,  S-O-S in Manila!  During the last part of September, 2009, it was reported that 40 died as tropical storm hit!  More than a month’s  worth of rain fell in just 12 hours as Tropical Storm Ketsana slammed ashore killing several and stranding thousands on rooftops in the capital’s worst flooding in more than 42 years.  Word has been received from Bro. David Moldez, president of Central Bible institute in Manila:

Praise the Lord that as we pray and work together, more people are being led to our Lord Jesus Christ and to His church.

Items of Praise

  1. For those who were trained at Central Bible Seminary (CBS), Manila, Philippines and are now   workers in God’s Kingdom.
  2. For local Churches planted by CBS alumni in the different parts of the Philippines.
  3. For generous disciples of Christ and local churches especially within the Church of Christ that continue to support Central Bible Seminary and other missions here in the Philippines and around the world.

Items for prayer

  1. That we will continue to do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission in this part of the world by praying, going, training, sending, and supporting the Mission works.
  2. That the local churches will continue to grow in number and in spirituality and will always be willing to reach out to the waiting world.
  3. For God’s guidance and strength as we respond to the physical, material, emotional and spiritual needs of Filipinos and churches who suffered and are suffering from the many calamities and poverty  here in the Philippines.

“May God be gracious to us and bless us and make His face shine upon us, that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.” Psalms 67:1-2

Bro. David also writes:  “Today there is a very heavy rain caused by a typhoon.  The Bible League is very much affected. Their warehouse was flooded and many Bibles were damaged and can not be used anymore. “ Anyone wishing to send funds to Manila – for poor people whose homes were devastated or to replace those Bibles that were destroyed – you may send through Church of Christ Worldwide, P.O. Box 54842, Lexington, KY 40555.