Why does God permit imperfection in His world? Why are babies allowed to be born handicapped? Why do limbs not move, eyes not see, mouths not speak, and ears not hear? Skeptics and Christians alike struggle with the answers to such questions. How can a perfect God allow such imperfection in His creation?

I don’t pretend to have all the answers to human suffering, but I do know there are some things that help me deal with such difficult questions. One such aid comes from a change in perspective. What if the perfection God is looking for is in us, not the imperfect bodies of people? What if the greater perfection God desires is in our reaction to people who are imperfect?

How compassionate are we with the afflicted? How patient and understanding are we with their trials? Do they have too many troubles to make getting involved with them worthwhile? Are we inconvenienced and resentful of their demands on our time and lifestyle? Are we annoyed at their presence or even worse, embarrassed by them?

Just maybe the perfection God is looking for is in our Christ-like response to imperfect people. Instead of allowing people born with physical disabilities to shake our faith in God, should we not rather allow them to challenge us to reach toward Christ-like perfection in our response to these people?

While Jesus walked this earth, He was God in the flesh (John 1:1-14). He came in contact with people who were burdened by imperfect bodies. In fact, multitudes of people with physical disabilities flocked to Him because they knew He was one who had compassion upon them. On one occasion, a leper came to Jesus for help (Mark 1:41). The text says that Jesus had compassion on him and healed him. But not only did Jesus heal him, He also reached out and touched him! I wonder how long it had been since anyone had touched this leper. This passage gives us a glimpse into the heart of Jesus. He wasn’t one who stood at arm’s distance from the suffering, but rather touched their lives.

Friends, from God’s perspective, the imperfection in this world may not be the physically and mentally disable, but in a healthy person’s uncompassionate response to those individuals.

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