The MAP team had an amazing week at Woodland Bible Camp in Dugger, IN. While there, I was blessed to speak 10 times to approximately 70 campers and staff. There were dozens of public responses.

Our theme for the week was “Simplify”. My lessons consisted of a verse by verse study of Galatians 3 and the challenge to strip the church of all unnecessary, unproductive legalistic baggage.

Each day during “awe time” (personal devotional time), I asked the young people to answer a question or complete a thought about “Simplify”. Below are a few of the responses I got from the inquiry, “What if Christians were…”?

What if Christians were…?

What if Christians were mean? Nobody would want to be a Christian. –Madyson, age 7

What if Christians were Christians? Christians are followers of Jesus, never complacent or stuck in their ways. I’m not saying What if Christians were perfect because that would take away from the beauty of Gods sacrifice, in fact it wouldn’t be necessary if we could reach perfection. But I am saying the world would be different if Christians continually followed Christ, like a flowing river that never stops. And not out of obligation as if our relationship with Christ were a contract, and not out of fear as if we were only using our God as a means to escape death. But a love relationship with our father to the point at which we love him and expect nothing in return for ourselves. What if Christians were really Christians. — Tom

What if Christians were to live like they suffered for something? To live like they believed what they heard. To live like they have the spirit. To live like they cant achieve on their own. — Jordan

What if Christians were a sound? They would be the sound of morning birds teaching in the morning. Christians would be the sound of crickets at night teaching in the dark. The sound of music comforting and soothing the sad and angry.
— Seth

Next time I hope to post some of the other responses.

Thanks for your prayers.  The team is whooped!  We are entering our third week together.  The heat and cramped conditions are forcing us to work through some “family issues”.  God is good.  Please pray that God will help the team learn conflict management skills now so they can help the repair the damage conflict has brought about within the church.