Modern “Science”

(by O. S. Boyer in The Anchor That Holds)

Concerning the Evolution Theory, we wish to repeat here a story first written in French, of a certain young man, who, shortly after graduating in Paris entered the house of a neighbor where he found two young women reading.
“What is the beautiful novel you are reading with so much interest?” he asked.
“We are not reading a novel, but the history of God’s chosen people.”
“Oh, then you believe there is a God, do you?”
Surprised at such a question, one of the young women answered: “You mean that you do not believe there is?”
“I used to believe there is a God, but since I have studied philosophy and other things in Paris, I do not believe there is. I am convinced that God is nothing more than an empty word.”
One of the young women answered: “I have never studied in Paris, nor do I know anything about such beautiful things as philosophy. But with your studies it must be easy for you to tell me from where an egg comes.”
“What a queer question! An egg comes from a hen to be sure.”
“Which of them existed first, the egg or the hen?”
“I cannot make out what you want with this question, however, it is the hen that existed first.”
“There existed, then, a hen that did not come out of an egg?”
“Pardon me, I wish to say … you understand … ”
“I understand that you do not know if a hen existed before an egg, or if an egg existed before a hen.”
“Well, then it was the hen that existed first.”
“Very well, there was a hen that did not come out of an egg. Tell me then who made this hen from which have come all the other eggs and hens.”
“But why are you asking me such a question?”
“All right, let me tell you, for you do not know: He that created the first hen, or if you wish, He that created the first egg, is the same one that created the world. This being is called God. You cannot explain the existence of a hen or of an egg without God, and yet you affirm that this world exists without God!”
However there are some who think it scientific to say that the world originated itself! . . . .
As Cicero said many centuries ago: “There is not a people so wild and savage as to not believe in God, though they may not know His nature.” This innate know-ledge of God is of supernatural origin. . . .

How to Start a NEW Religion

(By Charles H. Robinson, in Studies in the Resurrection of Christ!)

M. Lepeaux on one occasion confided to Talleyrand his disappointment at the ill success he had met in his attempt to bring into vogue [in France] a new religion which he regarded as an improvement on Christianity. He explained that despite all the efforts of himself and his supporters, his propaganda made no headway. He asked Talleyrand’s advice as to what to do.

Talleyrand replied that it was indeed difficult to found a new religion, more difficult indeed than could be imagined, so difficult that he hardly knew what to advise. “Still,” he said—after a moment’s reflection—“there is one plan which you might at least try. I recommend that you be crucified and then rise again on the third day.”

[Talleyrand (1754-1838) was a statesman-bishop who became a leader of the French Revolution. He was excommunicated by the Pope, but later became prime minister and remained influential in French politics throughout his life.]

Past! Future! Present?

(by A.V.W. in Word and Work)

Many years ago I heard a fellow in his 20’s give a thought-provoking testimony. As best I can remember, it went like this:

“As I was a kid growing up, my parents made me attend Sunday school and church regularly. So I learned lots about the Bible. But always God and Jesus were ‘way back in the distant past, or else ‘way up in the foggy future sometime. Either 2000 years ago wearing robes and speaking in King James English, or else in some nebulous endtime judgment-day. But not relevant in the here-and-now, today.

“But then somebody showed me how Jesus was important to me in the present–that I needed a Forgiver now and a Leader now and to receive a New Life now– right now. And I did! And Christ became current events to me, not just ancient history or hopeful future. He not only arose long ago, but He is still alive and present and active, every day. And He is my hope for the future, forever!”

Amen. What good news!

Bumper Sticker Theology

(listed in Christianity Today)

Backsliders jump from the lifeboat into the Titanic.
* * *
My Karma ran over your Dogma.
* * *
“I don’t question your existence.” –God
* * *
Midwives help people out.
* * *
Lord, walk beside me with your arm on my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.