Happy Birthday Israel (May 14, 1948) David Ben-Gurion declared: “We hereby proclaim the establishment of the Jewish State of Palestine, to be called Israel.” What a milestone reached validating God is not through with Israel. Christianity could not and would not exist if no there were no Jewish people. Consider our debt to Israel:

  • Gave us Jesus! (Jewish)
  • Scriptures (The Word of God)
  • Milton Hershey (founder of Hershey chocolate)
  •  Michael Dell (founder of Dell computer)
  •  Leonard Bernstein (composer / conductor)
  • Felix Mendelssohn (composer / conductor/ genius)
  • Cell-phone developed in Israel
  •  Most windows NT operating systems
  •  Pentium MMX chip technology
  •  Technology for AOL Instant message – Israel 1966

Fisherville Church of Christ (Hwy. 148, Fisherville, KY) Revival Meeting June 13 – 16, 2010, Speaker: Julius Hovan. Sunday Morning Worship – 11:00 A.M. Evening Services – 7:00 P.M. “Let us encourage one another…” Heb 10:25.

“Goin’ Fishing Ministries” (Paul Kitzmiller) – A group will be leaving Louisville on June 6th for the Ukraine. They are from Cherry St., Sellerburg, Hamburg and possibly other congregations—Please pray for them in this mission work.

New Web Site: Locust Street Church of Christ in Johnson City, TN is now on line. The web address is http://locuststreetchurchofchrist.com Thanks to Larry Miles for creating and maintaining the site. More content will be added soon. If your congregation is interested in a web site, please contact Larry – larrymiles@insightbb.com

Sellersburg Church of Christ, Sellersburg, IN. Please keep our new preacher, Brent Heeke in your prayers. Also, pray for our Youth Leader, Jon Adams. The congregation is working on plans for a web site—we will post the info as it comes in.

Cherry Street Church of Christ, New Albany, IN. Sonny Childs of Paragould, AR will conduct our Revival Meeting, July 11-16, 2010 (More info later) Sonny will also conduct during the days that week a MAP Boot Camp, New Albany, IN (We are expecting about 20 youth to be with Sonny.)

We want to invite  you  to  visit  our You Tube   site.  You will find  some videos  of  congregational singing  at Cherry Street, as well as some   video clips at Woodland Bible Camp, Senior Citiizens Week and a few from the  2010 Christian Crusade for Christ at Oak Grove (LA) Church of Christ.

KENTUCKY-INDIANA CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP – July 26-29, 2010. Start making plans to attend this year’s meeting. Great time to renew old acquaintances, catch up on church news, hear teaching / preaching from the “Word,” and be inspired by a cappella singing. This year’s theme is about “The Grace of God.” Has there ever been a more timely theme? Day sessions will be held at the Portland Ave. Church of Christ in Louisville, Kentucky and night sessions held at the Sellersburg Church of Christ in Sellersburg, Indiana.  Click here for  the  schedule. 2010 Kentucky-Indiana Christian Fellowship Schedule

Woodland Bible Camp, Senior Citizens Week will be Sept. 13-17, 2010 Directors: Richard and Janell Lewis and  J. R. and Pie Satterfield. Theme: “Roaming Thru Romans.”  If you would like to be added to the  e-mail list to  receive our  newsletter, ‘Woodland Wanderings,” send your  e-mail address to  Larry Miles  (larrymiles@insightbb.com)

Listing of Web  Sites among  our  Churches: We  want to  make a  list  of  web  sites  among  our  churches and  ministries.  Please  send  any information on this  to Larry Miles.  It is our aim and desire to let    others  know what is   going  on in our fellowship, so this is a  great  way. God has  given us a  great  opportunity with the Internet  to reach countless numbers  with the saving grace of Jesus and to strengthen the saved.


Sophia Galanis, Amarillidos 27, 15341 Athens, Greece — paschost@yahoo.gr

(Info. submitted by: Emie (Galanis) Paschos) 

By the grace of God this year is almost reaching its end. My mother is 80 years old this year. Looking back at this year we can say with certainty that God has been gracious to us. Up until March my mother Sophia was staying at a very luxurious nursing home but when an opening came up in the Christian nursing home we moved her there. Now she can hear lots of sermons and be part of a prayer group every week.

No matter though how nice the surroundings of her life are, the reality of her life is hard. Her Parkinson’s, is at the final stage, and she is unable to do most things. She can hardly see any more or walk. There are some days that she can take few small steps and some that she is totally bedridden. I visit her every other day, and it is hard to see her suffer so much.

The hardest part is that we have no idea how long she is going to be in this final stage and how much worse this situation is going to get. We know that God is sovereign in the midst of all this. We are praying for His guidance in what to do with her medical needs, and for Him to give us the wisdom on what to do. If there is a new medical advancement that would be suitable for her and would make her life a little easier and more pleasant, we pray that God will show us.

We can give praise to God because He has given us a wonderful granddaughter that takes up a lot of our time and energy and we are about to have a new grandchild in April. Also my second daughter is in her second year of music studies and doing fine.

Thank you for your continuous support and faithfulness towards my mother. It is good for her to know that even though she is in this situation she is thought of by people on the other side of the world who care and pray for her needs.