Ladies’ Inspiration Day is an annual spring event held in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. It is designed as a day of fellowship and encouragement as women gather for singing, Bible study, and prayer. Each year a different group of churches works together to plan and present the event.

This year Ladies’ Inspiration Day was hosted by the women of these churches in the Louisville area:  Highland,  Kentucky Avenue,  Portland Avenue,  and Ralph Avenue. The theme for the day was “Everything We Need for Growing in Godliness.”

We were all blessed by the beautiful singing led by Betty Gillaspie and the encouraging messages and testimonies of the speakers. Laura Nelson spoke on “The Call to Live Godly Lives” and reminded us of God’s wonderful love and desire for us be remade in His image.  Margaret Therkelsen’s topic was “The Power Source to Live Godly Lives.”  She spoke on the importance of going to God in prayer, learning to wait on the Lord, and relying on His strength to overcome the trials and temptations of this life. Betty Anne Sanders spoke on “The Tools to Live Godly Lives.”  She reminded us of many things that God has made available to help us stay focused in our walk with Him.  She especially encouraged us to become involved in serious, consistent Bible study.  At the end of the day Carol Miller presented “A Pattern of Godliness,” using Mary, the mother of Jesus, as an example of godliness throughout her life.

Next year’s LID will be hosted by the Lexington area churches. Make plans now to attend!

Tammy Miller,   Ky. Ave. Church of Christ