Ponder these questions re: Word &Work–

We’ll be glad if you answer all of them, but even if you reply to only two question or one, we’ll be glad.

1. Are there any W&W articles which stick in your memory as really helpful to you? [Maybe from last month, or last year, or maybe from 20 years ago!] If you wish, please tell us what they were about and how they helped you.

2. Who are some of your favorite writers in WW? Is there anyone else whose writings you would like to have us run (including your own!)

3. Some months we pick an overall theme, and run several articles on various aspects of that subject. For example, “Our Father in Heaven”; “Holiness”; “Prayer”; “Share the Good News”; “Psalms”; etc. In other months each article deals with a separate topic. Which do you prefer, or does it matter to you?

4. If you like issues with overall themes, do you have any themes to suggest?

5. Do you read the l-o-n-g articles, at least sometimes, or do you limit yourself to those of only 1-2 pages, or 3-4?

Feel free to make comments–whether positive or negative–or to ask questions.

Finally, I apologize for some personal goofs I discovered while reviewing past issues. Once we ran the same article two months in a row, and other errors have also sneaked in. Just goes to show I’m not infallible – which you knew all along. Keep praying for W&W.